Thursday, August 04, 2011

Peace Corps, Houses, and Paychecks

Just when you think things couldn't get crazier...
Anyone who has ever thought that has clearly not lived a day of my life. Around here, we always expect the unexpected.
For instance- this morning my parents put an offer in on a house. 50% below the original asking price. We had every reason to expect that the bank would wait several days and then turn it down. Instead? The bank accepted on the same day.
After months and months and months of waiting for my Peace Corps medical approval- I got it today! I am "provisionally" qualified, which came as no surprise at all. I am medically qualified, but due to my food allergy, I am only qualified to go to certain countries. So "Little" and I had fun going over (both the timeline and calculator, then looking certain countries to see if corn is listed as a dietary staple) (i'm horribly allergic to corn and can't go somewhere I can't avoid it), and picked out the countries we think I might get sent to. After narrowing the list down to the top 15 likely places, we made our choices on where we think it will be. "Little" picked Senegal, I picked South Africa, and my mother (who admitted she picked it because it looked safest) picked Thailand. The truth is, South Africa and Thailand are strong possibilities. Senegal? Not so much. But it could happen. Never say never, especially around here.
So the next step can go 2 ways. One is that a placement officer will call me and basically give me a job interview, then s/he will decide where to send me, and I'll find out 2-3 weeks later. Another possibility is that the PO will do the whole thing without calling me, and I won't know until I get the letter in the mail. The time frame for all of this is very up in the air. Getting that interview could happen within days, but may not happen for weeks. And as has happened with every step of this process, I will be calling them in 2-3 weeks to follow up if I haven't heard anything before then. Chances are still very good that I won't leave before October. And still then even stronger that I won't leave until January-March. There's just no guessing at this point.
So what happens next?
Well, assuming my client (now 65 days past due) really did mail me my payment last week, and everything works out financially, I have a few contingency plans.
1. If I never get paid (hey, its a possibility)- I stay here in my parents' nice new house, and then go straight into the PC whenever that may be.
2. If I do get paid, and the PC doesn't take me until 2012, I will go to Cambodia.
3. If I get paid, and the PC takes me before 2012, I will most likely not go to Cambodia. But there are a few scenarios where I might.
All in all, I'd say this was a good day (even if I didn't get paid still). "Little" and I had fun out at the lake with some friends. We had a great dinner, and a nice time with some family members.
And I do love it when big questions finally get answers!


  1. Where is the house at?

  2. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Way to persevere! It's been a long road.


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