Friday, August 26, 2011

Silver Pagoda, Anti-Malarials, and Sprained Ankles

Silver Pagoda

I leave for Cambodia in 10 days. This almost seems impossible. I am so excited to go. I've been reading everything I can find in my local library (which isn't much at all) on the country. Have you ever heard of the Silver Pagoda? I hadn't either until last night. And now my entire mission in life is to see this place!
I picked up my anti-malarials today and got my ankle checked out. Oh but I didn't tell you about that part yet, did I? Let's see... On Wednesday we unexpectedly got the go ahead to move into our new house. So we (Mom and I) quickly packed up our clothes and started to move out! While taking the very first load out to my car, I stepped into a well concealed hole, tripped, both ankles buckling under me, and landed face first, right on the big soft bags I was carrying. Had I not landed on the bags, and had landed face first onto the pavement, this little accident probably would have required an ambulance. But thankfully the bags broke the fall, and instead I found myself sprawled out in the street, crying in pain, trying not to black out. (What? Black out? Yes. Ever heard of the vasovagal response? Well, its real, and I am very well acquainted with it.) I finally managed to limp, hop, and crawl back into the house. As soon as my mother heard me crying and screaming, she ran down, helped me get into a recliner, propped up my feet, and got me lots of ice. I spent nearly 24 hours with my feet up like that. (And my mom continued doing all of the moving herself.) 
Thankfully the fast treatment meant little bruising and swelling. I had a doctor check my ankles out today, and sure enough, both ankles are sprained, with a possible hairline fracture in one! This would be my first ever sprain and/or break in my life. I'm not so happy about that. Limping around Cambodia does not sound pleasant. But I am walking just fine, and I do think I'll be good in 10 days. I'm more concerned about my anti-malarial drugs giving me night terrors. 
Don't worry too much about my mother doing all the moving. On Saturday we have the professional movers bringing in the furniture. And I did help once I could carry more than my own body weight. 

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