Monday, August 01, 2011

Thoughts of a Very Distracted Woman

It is almost noon and I'm tip-toeing around the house trying not to wake up the sleeping... teenager? I now finally understand how raising teenagers is a lot like raising toddlers.

I can't help but remember how my parents never would have let me sleep in till noon on a weekday (or any day for that matter). By now they would have brought in an infant or toddler sibling and let them loose in my bedroom. I learned quickly to never leave my toddler brother alone unsupervised in my room for long. RIP Kirk Cameron poster.

But I'm happy to let Little keep on sleeping. It gives me a few more minutes to get my "boring work stuff" done. Once she's awake I start to feel guilty that I'm glued to the computer while she's sitting there with nothing interesting to do.

I've been painfully distracted over the last few days, and it is really starting to show. I have to ask her to repeat herself every other line because I just didn't hear her the first time. It doesn't help that she thinks she's picked up a "southern twang," and enjoys speaking with it. What she doesn't know is she sounds more like Oliver Twist, than a Southerner. For instance, I haven't heard a "y'all" out of her yet. But she did try and use "yes'm" on me yesterday. I can promise you, no real Southerner alive today still says "yes'm."

While she works on elongating her r's and a's, my brain is rolling around too many other things. What will I do if the client who is 60 days past due doesn't pay up? Should I pack jeans to go to Cambodia? Why am I even thinking about Cambodia when the client hasn't paid? I can't go if it doesn't! What is the point in taking shirts I have to layer to Cambodia? Wait no, stop thinking that way, you are NOT buying new clothes to go work in a third world country orphanage! I need to call the doctor and see if they have had any cancellations yet. Dang it, the laundry is done. Do I have to wait till 90 days past due before hiring a lawyer to collect? I wonder if Little is ready to make an entree yet? She doesn't have the confidence yet, but her skills are pretty good. Maybe she just needs to stick to the small stuff still. Got to remember to mail the stuff. Where did I put that stuff? Is it just me or is it painfully hot in here? The dog stinks. Why does the dog always stink? Oh right, she played in the river. Note to self, keep dog out of river.

I'm so distracted that I lost 4 board games to the kid last night. I don't think she minded though. It was her first time to ever beat me that many times at a game. She probably likes it when I'm this distracted. Maybe tonight I'll challenge her to a rematch. Maybe. 

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