Friday, September 02, 2011

3 more wake-ups till Cambodia

"Mommy, why do we have to keep waking up at 3am? Don't mind me, I'll just be snuggling with your old t-shirts."

Warning: I'm attempting to fend off the inevitable jet lag next week by waking up earlier and earlier each day. I've been up since 3 am, it is only now just 5:30 am. I cannot be held responsible for my thoughts at 3 am.

There are just 3 more wake-ups till I leave for Cambodia. Thanks to the magic of air travel and international date lines though, there are 5 wake-ups until I actually wake up in Cambodia.
And the butterflies are kicking in. I have traveled a lot in the past ten years, usually to off the beaten tourist path kind of places (Romania, Haiti, and now Cambodia to name a few). Normally I've flown off to these places with just a few days of notice, without much time to think about what I am getting into or to get nervous about it. But I've had months to think about this one. And strangely, that is giving me time to get butterflies. Am I taking the right things? Have I packed every possible bug spray, tummy ailment, water purifier, and toiletry that I may possibly need for every unforeseen scenario? Am I taking too many jeans? I have to hand wash and line dry everything. Maybe jeans are a bad choice? Am I taking enough money? Do I have enough money for when I get back? How many presents and teaching projects should I take with me? Have I learned enough phrases? What if I can't understand a word anyone says to me? Worse, what if no one understands me? And why is it the hardest part of getting ready for any trip is what I am going to wear on the interminably long flight?
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