Sunday, September 25, 2011

Angkor Wat

In spite of multiple warnings that the entire country is flooding, that buses aren't making their destinations, and that Angkor Wat is closed and had to evacuate out tourists thanks to the flood, Kara, Susanne, and I got on a bus Saturday. So here I sit in a very nice little inn, paying about $14/night for hot water, free internet, a pool, and absolutely wonderful beds. The whole trip was worth it just for the hot water and internet I can access while sitting in my bed!
Is it flooding across the country? You betcha. Is Angkor Wat still open? You betcha. Did I walk through a flooded out path with muddy water over my knees just to see the temple where Angelina Jolie filmed "Tomb Raider?" You betcha. Am I now in my bed suffering from the worst case of "doxy burn" I've ever had? Oh you betcha!
Was it all totally worth it?

I'll let you decide!

(Captions and explanations coming soon. It is bedtime here!)

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  1. Looks worth it! But only because I don't know what Doxie burn IS, possibly...


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