Thursday, September 08, 2011

Cambodia Day One - complete!

Cambodia – Day 1

So far, so good here in Cambodia. I've been “inducted” into Projects Abroad, and given a short tour of the city. I'm meeting lots of interesting other volunteers/interns. I am noticing a few common themes throughout the group- many of us are here to change paths. Most of us have a job and a life, but want to be doing more with our lives. I suppose I'll have a lot more to say on that subject in a few days.
Phnom Penh hasn't surprised me too much. It is like most cities I have seen in developing countries. The rules of the roads are more suggestions than rules. There are stray dogs and cats (but not many) in the streets). And the white girl sticks out like a sore thumb.
There just isn't much to report on life here yet. But here's a few pictures from my “tuk tuk” tour around town. (“Tuk tuk” is a motorcycle pulled/powered cart. If I wasn't so tired I'd remember the Chinese word for a man pushed cart that people sit in. Feel free to remind me what I'm trying to say.)

The obligatory “before” picture! Dulles Airport, before I lost my gray headband. I miss that headband.

Me and my helmet! We are required to wear these on the motos. And motos are our main form of transportation. (I had to try on all 15 helmets to find one that fits my ginormous noggin.)

Speaking of motos... Motos are to Phnom Penh what yellow cabs are to New York City.

One family per moto, please! How many people do you count on this moto? Let's see, there is the little one in the front with the red hat, then then father. Next you will notice black pants indicating another child behind the dad, and if you look closely you will see a baby in that person's arms. And then there is the mom holding the pink basket on the end. One moto= 5 people!
Most motos aren't carrying 5 people. But it is quite common to see 3 people on one. Most women do ride “side saddle” I have noticed. I'll take my first (of many) moto ride tomorrow. I admit, I'm a bit nervous!

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  1. VelDean F2:12 PM

    Erin, you are trying to think of "rickshaw", although when I was in China 10 years ago they were primarily bicycle powered now. Just found your blog after reading your article on dating and prayer. Enjoyed that one, too.


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