Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Greetings from Cambodia

Hello! I've made it here safe and sound. So far other than getting ripped off for a Coca Light, all has gone completely without incident. Korean Air is a fabulous airline. I slept nearly the entire 21 hr flight thanks to Ambien. How did I forget that Ambien makes me hallucinate? I had some completely bizarre dreams, and there may have been some crazy turbulence, but then, there may not have. I really don't know.
My new apartment home is nicer than I expected. I have a large bedroom with 3 beds all to myself. I even have a very large bathroom to myself, and a balcony. I will need to get used to walking around completely barefoot on tile and marble floors. But really, that's hardly a hardship, now is it?
I have met a few other volunteers so far. 2 from Australia, 1 from Denmark, Japan, and Germany. Everyone is working on very different projects at different locations.
Phnom Penh reminds me a lot of Port au Prince, minus the US Army and destroyed buildings. It is humid, dirty, crowded, and busy. Lots of moto-taxis everywhere. I've just learned I have an assigned driver to take me to work on a moto-taxi each day. I will meet him in about an hour. I'm even assigned a motorcycle helmet for my trip. I think I will go put away all those skirts I packed and stick to pants.
Nothing much really to report. All is well. It looks like internet access will be easy to get to, as the cafe is just a few doors from the apartment. I'm sure I'll have something of substance to report later.


  1. Squeaker and I were excited to see that you've made it safely (and uneventfully) to Cambodia! Take lots of pictures. Squeaker LOVES pictures.

  2. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Sisty Ugler Here:
    A moto-taxi? You are going to sit on the back of a motorcycle to work everyday? OMG! ha ha ha You could still wear a skirt. Just gird up your loins! I am glad you made it safe. Sounds like the trip there went really well. Good luck on your first few days. Oh, take pictures of the food. I know you will take pictures of everything else but I want to see what they eat.

  3. Look at you!!! :) Glad you made it there safely!


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