Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hey Elder Part 2

On my way back to work after lunch on Thursday I passed the same 2 missionaries on bikes going the opposite direction, that I saw a few days ago. I know they saw me, but there wasn't time to say anything or even wave.

After work today on my way home I was alone in the tuk-tuk as we passed through the slum. Suddenly I heard an American accent very close by me say, “Hey look, there's that same white girl we saw earlier.” I turned around to see the missionaries no more than 3 feet behind me on their bikes. (I knew they had to be talking about me. Trust me, there are no other white girls in that area!) I smiled and said, “Hey Elders! What's up!” The American elder nearly fell off his bike with surprise. The Khmer (Cambodian) elder just laughed. I guess that was the last thing they expected me to do! I can only imagine how completely unexpected that was.

Moving along in the crush of rush hour they attempted to ride alongside my tuk-tuk and talk to me. It wasn't easy for them to dodge cars and motos, and go so slow while talking, but I think they had fun trying. We kept next to each other for a good distance, at least long enough for me to find out that Elder Wright is from Connecticut, and Elder Sick is from a nearby province. I told them where I work, and they said they would be sure to keep looking for me. I didn't hear their answer but I think they may live close to my office.

So there's a fun follow up to the missionary spotting the other day. I hope I do get to keep running into them. It will make for some fun experiences in the future I am sure.  

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