Thursday, September 01, 2011

New House

Did I mention we moved recently? And by we, I mean my parents bought a house. And as you may know, they live out of the country. So I will be the one living here (with the companionship of my ever faithful, trusty, puppy, sidekick Kaya) until the Peace Corps finally sees fit to send me out of the country. We, and by we I mean my parents and myself, are in love with our new house. And it is even better to finally have a place we can call home. (My parents haven't owned a home in the States in a few years.)
Here's a few pictures of the new house. We are very short on furniture until my folks move back into the States. Oh and these won't be my best photography moments!
Forgive me for the "during the chaos of the move" pictures. I'm really posting these for my dad and siblings' benefit. And the chaos won't be settled and pretty until I'm back from my trip. But they want pictures now! Here you go, Dad!

The front of the house.

The entry- this house has tons of huge windows and lots of natural light. I LOVE it.

The front room before boxes (but with uncle)

The front room after boxes

The dining room (also part of main front room) pre-boxes and furniture

Dining room during the move (blankets on the table, another rug leaning against wall)

View to the upstairs back deck

Stairs to the downstairs back deck (notice how tall those trees are?)

View from the back deck- we have a very steep property, and it is all covered in trees. We have been jokingly referring to our trees as Virginia redwoods because they are so tall.

Our yard and view may be all trees, but check out the view from the next door neighbor's yard. I'm pretty sure they have one of the best vistas in all of Virginia!

Just another view from our road. I can't wait to see it in the autumn! Oh and did I mention we moved to the top of a mountain?

The back of our house. Again, note the very steep yard.

To take this picture I am downstairs, in the safe room, facing out through the downstairs bar/kitchen. The room at the end of the hall is now my bedroom.

One of the downstairs bedrooms. Love the walkout on to the lower deck. Again, notice all those trees outside? I love the green of Virginia!

Heh, my bedroom. You try and unpack after living out of suitcases and boxes for over a year, while simultaneously packing to leave for a month. For the record, most of this got put away last night.

The family room. (The boxes are piled against and on the bar.) It is going to remain big and mostly empty until the folks return next year.

Hey look, more boxes. Dad, if you look real close, you will notice they are almost ALL books.

And look, more boxes of books. And some other stuff, like a cute, adoring doggy.

The upstairs family room. Dad- we finally fixed the big TV. It works! And today, insha'allah, I will get the surround sound hooked up.

The kitchen and eating area. There's a door to the deck off the eating area. What we really need (besides a crane to hoist the hot tub onto the back deck), is a manly grill and awesome picnic set.

I'm standing in front of the fireplace facing the kitchen to take this picture. I love the all white everything. I will love it more when we have a refrigerator, and not just the mini-fridge in there.

That is it. That's the new house. For the record, there are still about another 100 boxes in the garage looking for a home.
I have had trouble falling asleep at night because of all the crazy insect and critter noises outside. The cicadas are LOUD up here!
The deer are crazy up here as well. The other night we came home and saw 10 deer sleeping in the neighbor's lawn. We've also had a few wild turkey (hokies to all you southern virginians) spottings. The dog seems to be very aware of many critters hanging out just beyond my sight in the woods. All of our neighbors have dogs, and one, I kid you not, has a ginormous white wolf. It looks like a polar bear on a leash. We've met several neighbors and they have all been very friendly so far. Rumor has it our house up here on top of the mountain is just above the snow line. Our neighbors tell us that the snow line tends to be about 3 doors down from us. And that with this house sitting vacant for so long, our driveway was a common place for the neighbors to ditch their cars when they couldn't quite make it up the slippery road. 

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