Friday, October 07, 2011

East, West, Home's Best

After more hours than I care to count of traveling, I am home!! It has been a long couple of days, but I am very happy to be back in Roanoke, reunited with one very excited dog.
My travels were completely uneventful for the most part, right up until I got to my own car. Through an odd series of events I can't even imagine or fathom, my car somehow had an inch of standing water in the bottom of it. There is mold EVERYWHERE inside my car. The seats, seat belts, doors, trunk, steering wheel, CDs, you name it, there's mold on it. My sister and I attempted to clean it up so I could make the 3 hr drive home (from her place). But within an hour of driving it I was getting sick from the nasty mold. I ended up calling the insurance company, just to see what my options are. For better or worse, insurance covers it, regardless of how it happened. Unfortunately, the "cure" for such problems is completely replacing everything in my car. By replacing everything, we're talking pulling the seats and carpeting out and getting new ones. Yeah for deductibles, right? (Boo for major car repairs!)
I got home so exhausted I couldn't decide if I wanted to eat, sleep, or bathe first. Never one to shy away from multi-tasking, I decided to eat while filling up the bathtub. I managed to fall asleep sitting on the edge of the tub while eating my sandwich. (Its a very big tub, and I was not yet in it, and was still fully dressed.) Does that qualify as doing all three things at the same time?
I have to admit, I took one really long, nice, overly indulgent hot bath. My sister Natalie always asks me why it is so hard for the rest of the world to have hot water in their homes. The truth is, I have no idea why that seems so insurmountable. Hot showers and big bathrooms is definitely one of the best parts about being an American.
There are still plenty of stories left to come about Cambodia. In the meantime, check out all of the changes I have made to the blog! There are new pages, wallpaper, layout, design, etc., including a Cambodia page and a Haiti page. I'd love your feedback. I've also updated my other two websites today as well- JobsByErin and Cutting Back and Going Green got some much needed refreshing.

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