Saturday, October 01, 2011

Extreme Makeover Home Edition - UTAH!!

Things I Love (in no particular order)-
1. Real Salt Lake soccer (I love them so much I have a whole blog called Footballer Fan Girl! (which needs serious updating))
2. Utah
3. People who do good things and ask for nothing in return
4. Little boys and girls with huge smiles and good manners
5. People who save lives by donating blood and/or bone marrow

Which is why when I got asked out of the blue this week via email from a total stranger if I would like to see a sneak peak of ABC-tv "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" (EMHE) and I wrote back an email practically begging to see it.

It is also why I have spent the past hour in an non- air-conditioned internet cafe crying like a baby.

This Sunday, while I'll still be sick in Cambodia, you will have the awesome opportunity to turn on the one tv show my father ever allowed us to watch on Sunday nights. (TV was absolutely off-limits in our family as kids. But we eventually convinced him that EMHE was a good, wholesome, family activity.) This Sunday you will be privileged to learn the story of Jonah, an incredibly sweet and adorable boy who lives in Utah. If he had an easy life with two parents with good jobs, no major illnesses, and everything you and I have been blessed with, he wouldn't be on this tv show. Instead, he doesn't have just 1 rare illness, he has 2. And he needs a bone marrow donor.

A few months ago when this episode was actually filmed back in Utah I really enjoyed following the twitter feeds of several of my favorite RSL players as they shared their real emotions about being involved in building the house and meeting Jonah. I have been looking forward to seeing this show for months now. Thank goodness for online streaming when I do get back home!

Hey, and remember this time last year when I was inspired by the completely awesome Rylee Ewing and the wife of a Real Salt Lake player (hey, @hotwifeofbomma!) to register to become a bone marrow donor? Well, if I didn't convince you back then to become a donor, Jonah's story will convince you now!

I should warn you - I was crying at exactly 3 minutes into this episode. And not just because all 5 of my favorite things listed above were in this episode. I was crying because this time, I know the viewing audience really can help make a difference for Jonah (and for HotWifeofBomma and for my sweet little Rylee)!

Tune in this week, folks. You won't regret it.

Oh and if you are cold and calloused and only watch the show for the decorating and the new houses, you won't be disappointed. I LOVE what they did in the children's bedrooms. Absolutely freaking adorable and perfect for Jonah and his sweetheart sister!!

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