Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Dance Returns!

Yes, folks, it is the return of the happy dance! Another vague, slightly informative, and yet full of questions, because I can't tell the interwebs what is really going on, but it makes me happy whatever it is happy dance!
But just a little happy dance, because I think things might get even happier!

Fun fact for you-
Nearly every morning at 7 am Eastern time "Boy Meets World" trends on Twitter (at the same time "Goodnight Twitter" trends too). Apparently somewhere in the world "Boy Meets World" is on TV at that time, and enough children on the 90s see it and liked that they tweet about it.
Me? I was a child of the 80s. "Boy Meets World" was a little after my time. But I did have a roommate (yeah, you know who you are) who loved it and had every episode on VHS. So maybe I've seen a few dozen or so episodes with her...

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