Saturday, October 08, 2011

A mighty wind of change

It is nearly 1am and I suffering from some serious jet lag. I've been awake since about 5am, I think. My body and my head are at war over the sleeping arrangements. And in the meantime, my brain is on overload contemplating everything and anything at a completely inappropriate hour for such thoughts. 
Mostly I'm contemplating a hair cut, or maybe a color change, which may seem superficial and vain at best. But really, once you understand me better, you realize its the inside looking for a symbolic outside change. Maybe it is time to go back to my original dark blond hair color? Or maybe I'll actually wear make up this year? Lose some weight? Maybe try jewelry? I don't know. I just want to look different on the outside to match how different I am on the inside. After all, everything on the inside of me has changed in the past month. 
I've gone through these motions before. I want my appearance to reflect the changes in my heart. It has happened with every major job change, service experience, move, etc. Its a reasonable wish, right? 
To be honest, I am also obsessing over the whole Occupy Wall Street movement. Are they demanding a forced redistribution of wealth? (ahem, communism?) Demanding more taxes? Less taxes? More taxes for only some of the people? Volunteering to donate to the national deficit? Offering to employ an unemployed person for a day? Or just complaining because it seems like the cool thing to do? Let me point out my own truths- I've been unemployed now for over 18 months. I no longer qualify for unemployment benefits. I lost 3 jobs in a row due to no fault of my own because the companies couldn't afford to pay me. In one case my employer (Tricia McGarry) fraudulently didn't pay the employees, kept what money she may or may not have had, and has continued to start (and lose) new businesses. She still owes me several thousand dollars, and yet there is little to no recourse for me to recoup my lost wages from her. Believe me, if anyone deserves to complain about how the economy and businesses have screwed them over, it is me. And yet, I still can't get on board with all of this complaining.
But back to the "big businesses" and taxes. I get that people think it is unfair that an elite few hold the largest wealth. But this being a capitalist republic and all, there is a lot they can do about that. They could start their own businesses for starters. Or vote for someone else. Or run for office themselves. Or just use different products and boycott the "evil empires." 

Its not like these college students and graduates were forced to take out student loans, starting out their lives in debt. No one tell these kids that real poverty means they don't even consider buying iPhones and iPads. Real poverty and no hope means you don't even have the option of living with parents. Real poverty is when your parents sell you into sex trafficking so your family can afford to eat. So yeah, I'm not all that sympathetic right now to spoiled Americans crying because they aren't getting what they think they deserve. 
But I feel the changes coming- inside and outside. A mighty wind of change is definitely upon us...

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