Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pinterest pleases me

One of my favorite DIY finds on Pinterest so far!

Are you on Pinterest yet? I love it. I'm not even the crafty, recipe making type, and I love it. I have a lot of free time these days and I've found several small projects for the home to keep me busy on there. I made an amazing pumpkin cake mix this week that was super easy. And I've made a t-shirt tote bag. I have dozens of old t-shirts I'm unlikely to wear again, so I may make a dozen more of these bags. And I had fun making the t-shirt circle scarf. Today I'm going to attempt to make this paper wreath as well, if I can find just the right Christmas book to destroy. And I might sacrifice a few old shirts to the DIY bleach pen shirts as well.
But like I said, I'm not a crafty, recipe person! I actually prefer Pinterest for the fashion and hair ideas. Which reminds me, how did I not know about Polyvore before? I love it! I can't believe how many pins there are from that one site!
I do wish more of my friends posted about books. It seems like a great way to share books, I think. Maybe I'll kill sometime today encouraging that!
So if you're on there, let's be friends! (I am really seeing the benefit of having a diverse group of unrelated friends on there. Otherwise the feed gets filled up with the same things getting repinned over and over by a circle of friends.) If you're not on there, what's holding you back? Come share with us!

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