Monday, October 03, 2011

Scenes from the daily Cambodian commute

 Yumm... dinner.

 The pipe store. You need a metal pipe? They've got them in all shapes and sizes. 

 A fairly common scene- something between a road and an alley, hiding a market, with someone making dinner on the ground.

The shirts around here sport some of the best English phrases and faked logos ever. You frequently see the Facebook and Apple logos mixed together. 

 We can't go anywhere (and by we, I mean white people) without little kids screaming "HELLO" forcefully and loudly at us. This little girl thinks she's giving us a thumbs up while yelling, "HELLO!!" We got a good laugh out of it.

Another of my favorite random roadside booths/stores. Behind the mother/daughter bike duo you will see the "whosiwhatsit" store. Yes, I named it obviously. They sell all manner of black, random, hose parts. You need black, rubber tubing? They got it. 

 I got a loverly bunch of coconuts, deedle-dee-dee. (True story, I nearly got bonked on the head yesterday by falling coconuts. That will teach me not to look up while crossing the road!)

Cute little girls in their traditional school uniforms, walking in front of the French Embassy. 

How many Cambodians can you fit in one tuk-tuk? They fit 9 plus 1 baby who waved and yelled, "HELLO!!" (I swear, they are born here, learn to eat, and before they learn mama or dada, they learn to yell, "HELLO" at passing white people.)

No sharks allowed in our tuk-tuk. I have no idea why. 

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