Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My point, and I do have one, is

Oh the glories of the internet. One minute I have an interesting blog post planned out in my head about how I was feeling all inspired tonight to sit down and work on the book I've been writing, after having talked with the young women at church about virtue and sex and uplifting media. Which lead to me looking for something on Pinterest, which lead to looking at a video on YouTube, where somehow I went from the "Silent Monks Singing Hallelujah" to funny puppy videos, and then coming out of my interwebz daze when I found myself watching an elephant give birth.
And now, while I can remember the topic I wanted to talk about, I've completely forgotten my point. I think it was "we need more good and uplifting entertainment."
Look, cute puppy!
True story, every time I play this clip, my dog gets up and looks around for the puppy. She eventually comes over and sniffs the laptop, but ends up giving me a dirty look, like she knows I'm hiding the puppy from her.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Leftovers and more

The best part of Thanksgiving- my turkey, cranberry sauce, havarti cheese, and homemade rolls leftovers sandwich!

Did y'all have a good Thanksgiving Weekend? Mine was busy (because I have a JOB now), but good. I spent a lot of time working on my other websites. I posted over 30 deals and sales to Cutting Back and Going Green. Have you checked them out yet? Personally, I have to say the Harry Potter movies complete set for $40 is an incredible deal (in comparison, most major retailers are selling it for $99.99), and a 3D Blu-ray player with Wifi for $99 can't be beat. If you check out my site you'll also find I've installed a widget where you can compare prices for any product with what it is going for on Amazon. I really recommend checking it before you buy anything online!
I also posted a few new things to my politically minded blog, Swing State Voter. I'm hoping to help people understand the significance of the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primaries. Personally, I find the primary nomination system fascinating, mostly because it is so undemocratic and unfair in the long run. If anyone wants to get into that discussion (argument) with me, I'm game!
Having a job again has really improved my spirits. Even if the job is just part-time holiday work, it feels really good to know that for the next four weeks I won't have to ask for help, and I can support myself, even if only just barely. It really feels good to be able to take care of myself again. Just having a reason to get out of the bed and get dressed every day really makes a huge difference in my spirits.
I've never taken the time to bother decorating for Christmas. First and foremost, I'm just not one who cares much about holiday decorations. (I find most to be tacky.) Second, I've never seen the point in decorating just for me. But I'm not only considering decorating this year, I may even buy a real tree and put it up. But then again, that means spending money on myself during a tight budget month. So maybe not. We'll see. But I'm liking the idea of decorations and a tree this year, even if I will be spending it alone. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Grateful for the work, but not for sore feet

Guess what? I got a part-time, holiday job! Woohoo! Yeah me! It is just cashier work at a major chain store that I worked at many moons ago. Nothing too spectacular or permanent. And it isn't even giving me enough hours to make ends meet. BUT! None of that matters to me. All that matters is I feel like a human again, earning money, getting out of the house, working, supporting myself (sort of), and getting to talk to people and not just my dog. In short, I am very, very grateful for the work.
I'd downright call this fun if I hadn't had to work on Black Friday. (A line of people outside the store when the employees showed up. I met my personal sales goal for the day within the first 20 minutes. It was painful, people. Painful.) But even then, it just feels good to be doing something again.
I think my first paycheck will sadly have to be spent on appropriate shoes for work. We can't wear running/sports shoes, or open-toed shoes. And a smart person won't wear high heels where you stand all day. Do you know how many pairs of shoes that leaves me? (Do you know how many pairs of shoes I own? Ballpark of 30-40.) Exactly ONE pair of shoes folks. That's how many fit the requirements. And sadly, that pair of shoes is an adorable, and yet not entirely supportive or comfortable, red (Christmassy) plaid, ballet flats. Do you know how many outfits I have that go with red plaid flats? Now subtract all the outfits that involve jeans. And I have exactly one pair of pants and no skirts that work. Yeah, that's a problem. So my first paycheck will be spent buying shoes I'll likely not need beyond the 6 weeks I work there. (I sense a thrift store purchase for these shoes.)
In other news, living in the boondocks can be very exciting during hunting season. I've heard many a shotgun blast today. Considering how many deer a week attempt to kill me while I'm driving, I can only hope the hunters are winning. As my aunt told my dad who told me when we moved here. "It isn't a matter of IF you get in a car accident on this road, it is a matter of WHEN you get in an accident." To wit- I saw over 20 deer in a 2 mile stretch today. And they were NOT yielding the right of way.
That is all, folks! Carry on.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Starry, starry night

This may sound strange to you, but tonight I am grateful for the stars. I've always loved to stargaze, and picture myself a very amateurish astronomer. I can get lost in the lights of the night sky for hours and hours.
Since moving to our new home, high aloft the mountain, above the city, where we have no street lamps, I've had several opportunities to walk my dog in the darkness. I could take a flashlight (that's a torch to you Aussie friends), but that would ruin all the fun. I love to walk up our road and look up at the stars. They are so clear and beautiful!
Tonight as I took the dog out I stood in the middle of the road and just stared out at the Orion constellation. He looked like he was right behind our house. It sent chills down my spine it was so majestic.
My bedroom has a large sliding glass door that opens on to the back deck, high up over our (steep) yard. Most nights I sleep with the blinds pulled back so I can just stare out into the darkness. Before the leaves fell it was nothing but darkness out there. But with the stark, ugly, bare trees comes a new beauty. I can see little lights popping through the trees now. I can only see a few stars from my bed, but that is enough.
The cloudy view from my room

Several nights now I've been woken up around 4 am to find my room completely lit up. The moon hits the clouds and fog just the right way, illuminating everything. We live just high enough up the mountain that we get clouds settling around us, and a great deal of fog down below us. It can be very beautiful for a while. But considering how much I'd rather be asleep at 4 am, well, the clouds just make me that much more grateful for the stars.
How can you look into the starry night sky and not believe in and feel a Celestial Being? How can you not know there is a God when you see the diamonds dancing in the velvet sky?
I'm grateful for the stars, and all of the feelings they give me.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Every day I'm shufflin'

Earlier today when I first saw this video (thanks Katrina), there were under 1,000 views. As of the moment of this posting there are over 5,000. Something tells me I'm not alone in reposting it!

As you all know, I'm unemployed and very much without any form of income. I've been doing a lot of "affiliate marketing" to try and make a few dollars. (Emphasis on few.) One way I'm doing this is to list a lot of Christmas and Black Friday deals on my Cutting Back website. So far there have been daily deals, Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Store offeringsStarbucks, TempurPedic, and Barnes and Noble deals (and plenty others)! If you are going to do any of your holiday shopping online, check out the deals I have over there. I add about 3 a day. If there is a retailer you would like to get a discount from, let me know who it is, and I'll try and get them added.
If you have a site where you sell something, or you just want more blog traffic, let me know. I'm more than happy to give links to friends (for free. I'm not trying to scam you!). You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours, right?
Also, feel free to click on my ads around my different sites. I get almost a whole penny every time someone clicks them! Woo-hoo! Pennies!!
Thank you so much for your support and comments as I whine on and on about my situation. Your kind comments always mean a lot to me.

Wanted: One strong heroine with no apologies

I've slipped back into a bad habit of staying up till 2 am and sleeping in till 10 each day. I find I'm far more creative at 1 am than I am at 1 pm, which may be why I'm finally getting some serious writing done. I am really enjoying getting back into the habit of really writing again. Not just a few ideas or sketches here or there, but real writing. I've written over 50 pages into a novel! And I'm really enjoying having an outlet for my political thoughts at Swing State Voter.
I am admittedly NOT a Twilight fan. In fact, I'm in the anti-Twilight crowd. I read the first book and finally walked away from it with about 20 pages left because I was so bored and annoyed. I have seen the movies because "Little" begged me to go with her. So I know what they are about and how they end. But I'm not a fan in the least. In fact, they drive me crazy because the central main character and female lead is so spineless. I get that some women want to be rescued and they want drama. I get that. I get that the books appeal to them for that reason. But I found myself completely hating Bella, and likewise finding nothing to like about the other characters who liked her. I just didn't get it.
Which brings me to my point. Can you name a famous story (outside of anything Jane Austen or Little Women) where the female lead finds love and is not anti-romance when the story starts (which would actually rule out Pride and Prejudice and Little Women, come to think of it)? Is there any "classic" or popular book that includes a woman who is strong, intelligent, and looking for love? Where the book is not focusing on her weakness or failure? Is there any story that focuses on the strength of women and celebrates her for being a good, virtuous, or strong woman without making her strengths the reason she is single?
Help me out here friends! Because I really can't think of one story that fits that description.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Please buy a Nook so we can be friends!

If you haven't noticed yet, I am on a one-woman mission to convince everyone they need NOOKs . I have a Nook, and I love my Nook. Today I even had a 10 minute chat with a nurse at the doctor's office about our Nooks. And she even started it. Everyone I have met that has one loves it and thinks it is gold. I'm telling you, if there was a fire I'd first grab my dog, and then I'd grab my Nook, and then my passport. Except who are we kidding, if there was really a fire, my dog would be saving my life, not the other way around. She's just awesome like that, even if she does snore and sleep in my bed.
But back to the Nook. The almighty, awesome website Mashable (you have to be a tech and/or social media nerd to love them like I do) put out this awesome chart to help you understand why Nooks are superior to iPads. Seriously, the only thing an iPad can do that the Nook does not, is take your picture. But considering the Nook costs- wait for it- $400 LESS than an iPad, you can go out and buy 4 digital cameras to make up the difference.
Seriously, kids, go get Nooks! You can play all the Angry Birds you want, watch Netflix and Hulu, download books, check Facebook and Twitter, not to mention emails and the rest of the internet, play games, and my favorite part- share books! What are you waiting for?

NOOK Tablet™ - Our Fastest, Lightest Tablet with the Best in HD Entertainment, for $249 at!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Strong is the only choice you have

I was about to sit down and write about depression and frustrations- something I am all too familiar with right now. I went over to Pinterest (yes, I am addicted) to find a picture or quote about frustrations and depression, and saw this one instead. And there was my answer.
Today, instead of giving in to tears, frustration, anger, and depression like I so very badly want to, I will be strong. Because the other options aren't going to solve my problems now are they?
Today I will focus on writing, applying for jobs, and looking for answers. And then tonight I will crank up some music and have my own little dance party. You can come join me if you want to. The cost of admission is a hug and some chocolate. Please bring copious amounts of both!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My life as described by Pinterest

This defines me so perfectly that I can't stop laughing as I think about it. I gave myself a short breather this afternoon (taking a break from writing and job hunting), and surfed around Pinterest. I found myself perfectly described in a few fun picture quotes-

This quote really hit me just for how true it is. But what really hit me is realizing that I don't ever tell anyone what I need from them. I hate asking for help, and fail miserably at doing so. Instead I walk around with my feelings hurt because no one is giving me the help I need.

And then we have this little gem. I never thought I would be quoting "Gossip Girl," but there's a first time for everything, I suppose. This defines how I am feeling this evening. I'm taking a deep breath, recalibrating, and focusing on something new.

Which brings me to our last picture of the day-

Just give me time, I'll get there!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My first real meltdown

I can't pretend that everything is okay today. In fact, most things are not okay. Most days I can count my blessings and be grateful for all that I do have, when I am so very close to having nothing. I've been unemployed for the better part of 2 years now. Things aren't getting any easier here.
You probably haven't noticed, but I've taken down all references to the Peace Corps off of my blog. I did this mostly out of anger the day I found out that the PC is delaying me again (for close to a year), and that they didn't like me saying on my blog that I am looking for a job (and not holding my breath for them- apparently now they can't trust me to pick them over a job), and just a few hours I got rejected for a job I interviewed for. Damned if I do, damned if I don't.
Several months ago I made a choice to stop putting myself through the emotional hell of job hunting. I had my unemployment coverage and I was attempting to make money through contract work. I was passively looking for the perfect job, but not actively job-hunting. Since then everything has changed. The PC has delayed me again, my unemployment benefits have run out, and the contract work has slowed considerably. In other words, I have no form on income. And I've been unemployed for 2 years- my savings are depleted.
I am actively job hunting again, but this is a very poor time of year for it. Most people don't leave their jobs right before Christmas, so there aren't many openings. But lots do it just after New Years! And most companies don't do a lot of hiring until after the holidays. I have turned in applications at no less than 12 different stores at the mall in hopes of part-time work. Not to mention, I do have over 40 resumes out there somewhere.
Out of those 52 job applications, I've heard back from 2 companies for interviews (rejected by both a few weeks ago), received the generic "we never reviewed your resume" response from 4 companies, and nothing from the rest. Yesterday, out of desperation, I went in to one of the stores I applied at and found a manager. I told him how I have worked for the same chain before, and I will work any shift he will give me. He was a little stunned at my forwardness, but said even though he has done all of his hiring already, maybe he could hire me too. So "maybe" I'll hear back from him. Or maybe not.
Today I made a stupid mistake that I have to pay for - literally. Normally it wouldn't be a big deal. But when there is no money coming any time soon, this hurts. It is a real problem. And I am kicking myself for it. After realizing this in the middle of a store, I ran to my car and just barely made it there before breaking down into tears. I haven't allowed myself to cry or get too upset over my situation over the last 2 years. But today I just let it out. My first real meltdown. I just can't take it anymore. I don't know what else I can do. Is it me? Is it them? Is it everything? What is this and why am I stuck in it?
I cried and moved on. It is all I can do. Crying isn't going to solve my problems or fix my stupid mistake. But the problem is, I don't know what will solve everything. I've tried everything I know to do. I'm so grateful for my trip to Cambodia and all that I saw there. I know that even in my current situation, I still have more than most people there. I'm grateful for my parents who have helped me so much this past year. I live one step away from being homeless right now. If it weren't for my family giving me a free place to live, I don't know what would have happened to me.
I am grateful for what I have. But I need a little space to be angry about what I don't have too.

Swing State Voter - my new blog!

World War II Memorial in Washington, DC

I've been getting more and more involved in the upcoming 2012 presidential nomination race. I've been looking for different outlets to discuss different trends and ideas, and finally decided to start my own blog on the subject. I like to think I have a unique take on the situation given my background growing up in DC and getting involved personally in politics and government at a young age. But then, we probably all think we have a unique view on politics, don't we?

If you are interested in talking politics, specifically the upcoming presidential election year, from different points of view, please come join me over at Swing State Voter

Monday, November 14, 2011

My Kingdom for a Wrench (or even a pair of pliers will do!)

I moved recently, did you know that? It is true. My family bought a new house with very lovely views, like this one taken a few houses down from us. Except there isn't really an "us" here. It is just me, as my family lives far, far away on other sides of the continent and planet from me. But seeing as it is the family's house, I am living amidst many of their belongings. Belongings that do not belong to me and have no place to go. Why am I bringing this up? Because, well, even though I've been here a few months now, it still feels like I just moved in.

Tonight I sat down to watch some TV and something peculiar happened. Nothing. I turned on the TV and a funny computerized voice said, "Lamp not working." It took about three tries before I realized the TV was talking to me.

No picture at all. This is a problem. The DVD changer and cable box were working, as was the surround sound system. But no picture on the TV. Since the little voice inside the TV said the lamp wasn't working (and we had it replaced just 3 months ago), I didn't bother messing with the channels.

Instead, I decided this was a sign that it was time for me to bring my TV up from my bedroom downstairs and put it in the upstairs bedroom. Yes, I live in a 3 bedroom house, and have claimed 2 of the bedrooms for myself. Do you have a problem with that? There's also 5 bathrooms in this house, do you want to know how many of those I have claimed?

So I went downstairs and brought my TV up to the bedroom. Knowing that the DVR was recording 2 of my favorite shows at that precise moment, I waited until exactly the right minute to unplug the DVR to take it to my room.

But wait! No! I can't unscrew the stupid cable cable. No, I'm not being redundant, I'm referring to the cable from the wall that goes into the cable box. The one the technician came and installed and hooked up, and apparently used the jaws of life to tighten! It REFUSES to budge!

Obviously, I need a wrench to unscrew this thing. Now, I wasn't the one who unpacked 90% of what has been unpacked in this house. This often leads to a wild goose chase as I try to figure out where my mother or sister may have decided some random object should go. Or did they unpack it at all? Or just leave in a box somewhere? With everyone on far-flung corners of the planet, I just can't pick up the phone and ask, unfortunately.

So the wrench, I swear I have seen it just sitting out somewhere in these 4,000 sq ft. Just sitting there... But where? The kitchen? The bedroom? The garage? I have no idea. So off I go to hunt.

First, my downstairs bedroom -
Now, I have to explain. I have had to move 4 times in the past year. I am SICK AND TIRED OF MOVING. I never want to do it again. But even as we moved into this house I knew there was a good chance I wouldn't be living in the downstairs room long (my mom was still here, and once she left, I moved upstairs). So I didn't exactly get unpacked. The room is basically just holding all of my non-essentials for me.  And if you have moved 4 times in one year, all of your stuff would live in big pink tupperware bins too!

So is the wrench in one of my bins? No. The dresser? No. The bathroom? No. The closet? Desk? Boxes? ANYWHERE? No.

But look, there's my dog. Ever faithful. She thought this was a lot of fun.

Okay, fine. Let's go look in the big empty room that someday will resemble a family room.

Anyone want to go through those boxes for me and find a wrench? Oh and hey look! There's my dog again. She's never far from my side, is she? Oh, and no. I didn't find a wrench in there either.

So just for fun let's go look in the media room and see what I can make happen.

Thankfully I have a degree in Broadcast Journalism, and all those cables and wires actually make sense to me. I attempted to unscrew a few of the loose ones. Yeah, no. I'm going to need a wrench for those as well. I'm really starting to hate the cable guy right now.

Moving on, I looked in the downstairs bar.
But all I found was myself looking very tired. You can't see her, but my dog is right by my legs. Ever faithful.

Okay, so let's go look in the cars. No picture evidence, but no, no wrenches out there either.

On to the garage. The 3-car garage full of boxes and 1 car.
There's an extra oven in there, but no obvious signs of wrenches. However, I did pull open several boxes to look.
And there's my dog again. Why have I not trained her to sniff out wrenches?
Hey, look! A long wall of cabinets in the garage. If you were my toolbox, I wonder if someone would have randomly decided that out of all the things in the garage they could unpack and put away, if they would pick you? I had to open all 19 doors, but yes, there it was, my red toolbox hiding behind door #19! (I might add there was nothing behind the other 18 doors.)

Alas, you are a stupid toolbox with no tools in it. Back to the drawing board.
Are you in the closet?
No, but I did find tulle for making a tutu, and a box from Woot with a foot pedal for flushing a toilet!

Is my wrench in the upstairs bedroom? Closet? Bathrooms? No!?!?

But I did find more scissors (I found 5 total in my search), my passport, headlamp, and a voter registration card. All useful things, EXCEPT ALL I WANT IS MY STINKING WRENCH!! Or even a pair of pliers will do!

I tried the kitchen, in all of the cabinets, under all of the sinks in the whole house, under the beds, under shirts, EVERYWHERE. No wrench.

And then my dog, thinking we were playing some perverse game of "Upstairs, Downstairs," brought me her stuffed animal to play with. No, Kaya, we're not playing right now. I really don't think she understood me.

After 40 minutes of searching I gave up. No wrench. No pliers. Nothing. I tried again to loosen it with my hands. No joy. And so I gave up, and brought the TV from the upstairs bedroom over to the family room and set it up in front of the other TV. The poor dog laid down her head and sighed. All of that and we never even played fetch, or found the wrench.

And so, if you are the kind lady who bought this house and unpacked half of it. Will you please send me a note and tell me where the heck you hid the wrench?!?! (Oh, and I will be taking that replacement bulb lamp thing back to the company that sold it to me, just as soon as I can remember their names!)

And yes, Mom, I promise to have things cleaned up a bit more before anyone ever comes to visit. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Cheese, Glorious Cheese

I don't know one true child of the 80s who can't sing this song.

I love cheese. One of my favorite radio shows used to have a cheese quiz when they interviewed celebrities. They would ive them 30 seconds to name all of the types of cheese they could think of. I beat every celebrity ever at that quiz- munster, mozzerella, gouda, parmesan, american, swiss, brie, pepper jack, monterey, monterey jack, jack cheddar, cheddar, jarlsberg, limberger! And those are just the ones off the top of my head.

However, it must be said, that I only partially consider "American Cheese" to be a real cheese. Why? Let's take a quick look at Webster's definition of cheese, shall we?
"The curd of milk"
Now, let's take a quick look at the ingredients in American Cheese.
Water, interesterified soybean oil, food starch, modified whey, gelatin, sodium citrate, calcium phosphate, salt, sodium phosphate, artificial and natural flavors, yada yada yada.
Anyone notice something missing there? NO MILK! However, if you do read down after the artificial coloring it does says "contains: milk." Obviously they have to explain this because it isn't actually an ingredient!  I think more accurately it should say, "contains milk parts," but that would confuse people who think this is an actual food.
Put down your "Imitation Pasteurized Process Cheese Food Singles" and buy some real cheese people! May I suggest a nice medium cheddar? Or a lovely mozzerella? (I offer you the dullest of the cheeses seeing as you have been eating the most tasteless, nastiest of all nearly dairy products available.)
How did this foul substance get into my house you ask? I use them as a cheap alternative to sneaking my dog her pills. (A much cheaper alternative than Greenies Pill Pockets which cost about $6 a bag, and the dog is quite suspicious of.) But this morning something fascinating happened. She ate the cheese (and her pill), and then spit out the cheese. She ate her pill, but refused the imitation pasteurized process cheese food single! They are so gross even a dog won't eat them! (Which is unfortunate because now I have to find a new way to sneak her her pills in the morning.)

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Are you doing anything special for 11/11/11?
I've never been the type to memorialize random numbers with special events. But I do see the value in getting married on 11/11/11 just so you never forget your anniversary. 

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

How to help a Russian Orphan

Friends, thank you so much for your donations to Bennett's Angel Tree Fund so far! We are up to $45! I am so happy!!

You can donate as much or as little as you want via Paypal. (You can also mail in checks - click here for information.) The money does not go through me, and I do not see who it is making the donations. But to those of you who have donated- THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

The goal is $1,000 by New Years. Every time another $100 comes in, I promise to make a YouTube video of me doing a happy dance. If you personally donate $100, I will let you pick the song I dance to. And if you donate a minimum of $35 Reece's Rainbow will send you an ornament with sweet little Bennett's face on it. And if you donate just $5 or $10, I promise to give you lots of hugs and happy thoughts!

Think about all the ways you could waste $10 today. Isn't there something you could cut back on or save money doing? And then remember how much that $10 would mean to getting Bennett adopted!

Thank you!!

If you haven't done so yet, please read my previous post about Bennett and the Angel Tree Fund

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Saturdays are a special day, they're the day I share special deals!

From now through Christmas I have decided to share great deals with you on Saturdays. I have access to a lot of great online coupons and deals, and I want to pass those along to you. So here is our first Saturday Special Deals!

For starters, how would you like this beautiful, red wool coat for just $35? Check it out at RisingTaste.

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People ask me all the time how I get such good travel deals (FACT: with the one exception of my flight to Cambodia, I have never spent more than $300 on a plane ticket anywhere.) using CheapTickets is one of the ways I pull it off!

CheapTickets Vacation Packages (size 300 X 250)

Friday, November 04, 2011

A World Full of Maybes

Today was, without question, a very tough day. There was potential for some very good, life-changing, positive events to happen. But instead there were a lot of tears and setbacks today. And just before I gave in to depression and wallowing, I stumbled on something very unexpected.
A little link about an actor on Facebook lead me to IMDB, which lead me to the profile of an actress, where I read her bio, and learned something fascinating about her. She is, without question, a very successful and talented actress. She is known for a very famous role she played for many years. She accidentally got her first acting job, liked it, and started learning more. Within a year she landed her first major role, and she took off from there.
What surprised me about her was that she didn't begin her acting career until her 30s. (There is no indication that she attempted to either.) She went on to enjoy a twenty-plus career doing something she loved after finding it in her 30s, and found great success at it.
It was an unlikely place for me to find comfort, but it did make me feel better. Lately I have heard myself say, "I'm too old to be doing this," a little too often. I'm too old for such a junior position. I'm too old for a good career transition. I'm too old to be needing so much help from other people. I'm too old to not be able to be more independent. But the story of this actress really gave me new hope tonight. 

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Be a Christmas Warrior for Bennett

I'm Bennett's 2011 Christmas Warrior!
Click Photo to Learn More!

Friends, meet Bennett. You and I are about to make a huge difference in this little man's life!

Bennett is a beautiful little 5 yr old boy living in an orphanage in Russia. He has Down's Syndrome and if he's not adopted soon he will be sent to live in an institution for the rest of his short life.

Reece's Rainbow is an amazing organization that helps families adopt children with Down's Syndrome, HIV, and other physical disabilities, by collecting tax deductible donations and putting them into funds for each individual child. Do you know my amazing friends the Riebens with the 5 adopted children (soon to be 7) (and their beautiful biological triplets)? Their adoptions were blessed with assistance from Reece's Rainbow. Since Reece's Rainbow began 5 years ago, over 500+ children and their families have been financially assisted in their adoptions with these grants.

International adoptions can cost more than $20,000, even up to $40,000. There are families who would love to bring these sweet children home, but finding the money to do it is difficult. Every cent you donate goes to bringing Bennett home!

I have signed up this year to be Bennett's Christmas Warrior. Throughout November I will be personally raising money for Bennett's adoption fund. If you donate at least $35 Reece's Rainbow will send you your own Angel Tree Christmas Ornament with Bennett's picture on it! Wouldn't that be a great gift for friends? Donate $35 in their name, and give them the ornament! I know I would love such a meaningful gift!

And I want to add my own little prize to the pot. For each $100 that is raised through my links for Bennett, I will do my very own happy dance video! The donations are direct to Reece's Rainbow, so I won't touch the money or see the names. But if you want to tell me (on your honor) that you made a $100 or greater donation, I will even let you pick the song that I dance to! Just to make sure we are clear- for every $100 that the count goes up, I will do a happy dance video. But if you personally tell me you donated $100 or more, you get to pick the song I dance to.

Are you ready? You can click on Bennett's picture, you can click on his name, or you can click right here to DONATE TO BENNETT'S ANGEL TREE FUND!!!
His total account is currently at $2207.50, with zero from Angel Tree. As soon as the Angel Tree donations hit $100, I'll do my first happy dance!

More information on Reece's Rainbow, the Angel Tree, and how to send a check.

PS- lest there be any confusion, I am NOT looking to adopt Bennett myself. I wish I were in a position to be adopting such a beautiful child right now. But I am not. Donations to Bennett, go to Bennett. Not to me!

Let's get a Groupon that!

As you may recall I used to have ads and banners for But they went out of business, came back to life, got bought out, screwed over their customers, attempted to fix that, and still haven't made things right with their affiliate marketers yet. So I'm not planning on doing anymore business with them, which is sad, because I got some great deals through them! Not one deal was a disappointment!
I'm been slow to jump on the Groupon bandwagon because I was already in the CityDeals bandwagon. But now that that wagon is in the ditch, I've jumped ship, and joined Groupon! I've also signed up to be a marketer through them. You'll see a lovely, nice, long banner ad along the side of the page. And how fancy is it that it updates to your specific location!? (see that, CityDeals? Why couldn't you ever do that? Hmm??)
As we approach Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and my birthday, I plan to share a lot more deals and ideas with you over at my other blog - Cutting Back and Going Green. But don't be surprised to find a few fun deals here too!

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