Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Be a Christmas Warrior for Bennett

I'm Bennett's 2011 Christmas Warrior!
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Friends, meet Bennett. You and I are about to make a huge difference in this little man's life!

Bennett is a beautiful little 5 yr old boy living in an orphanage in Russia. He has Down's Syndrome and if he's not adopted soon he will be sent to live in an institution for the rest of his short life.

Reece's Rainbow is an amazing organization that helps families adopt children with Down's Syndrome, HIV, and other physical disabilities, by collecting tax deductible donations and putting them into funds for each individual child. Do you know my amazing friends the Riebens with the 5 adopted children (soon to be 7) (and their beautiful biological triplets)? Their adoptions were blessed with assistance from Reece's Rainbow. Since Reece's Rainbow began 5 years ago, over 500+ children and their families have been financially assisted in their adoptions with these grants.

International adoptions can cost more than $20,000, even up to $40,000. There are families who would love to bring these sweet children home, but finding the money to do it is difficult. Every cent you donate goes to bringing Bennett home!

I have signed up this year to be Bennett's Christmas Warrior. Throughout November I will be personally raising money for Bennett's adoption fund. If you donate at least $35 Reece's Rainbow will send you your own Angel Tree Christmas Ornament with Bennett's picture on it! Wouldn't that be a great gift for friends? Donate $35 in their name, and give them the ornament! I know I would love such a meaningful gift!

And I want to add my own little prize to the pot. For each $100 that is raised through my links for Bennett, I will do my very own happy dance video! The donations are direct to Reece's Rainbow, so I won't touch the money or see the names. But if you want to tell me (on your honor) that you made a $100 or greater donation, I will even let you pick the song that I dance to! Just to make sure we are clear- for every $100 that the count goes up, I will do a happy dance video. But if you personally tell me you donated $100 or more, you get to pick the song I dance to.

Are you ready? You can click on Bennett's picture, you can click on his name, or you can click right here to DONATE TO BENNETT'S ANGEL TREE FUND!!!
His total account is currently at $2207.50, with zero from Angel Tree. As soon as the Angel Tree donations hit $100, I'll do my first happy dance!

More information on Reece's Rainbow, the Angel Tree, and how to send a check.

PS- lest there be any confusion, I am NOT looking to adopt Bennett myself. I wish I were in a position to be adopting such a beautiful child right now. But I am not. Donations to Bennett, go to Bennett. Not to me!

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  1. Hi! I'm a fellow Christmas AT Warrior! Just wanted to say hi - love your blog title! (I'm LDS too! :) Also, I've always loved little Bennett - that sweet face! I'd like to put a little something in his account to get you off that $0, let me just figure out my money right now and hopefully I can do that soon!


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