Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Every day I'm shufflin'

Earlier today when I first saw this video (thanks Katrina), there were under 1,000 views. As of the moment of this posting there are over 5,000. Something tells me I'm not alone in reposting it!

As you all know, I'm unemployed and very much without any form of income. I've been doing a lot of "affiliate marketing" to try and make a few dollars. (Emphasis on few.) One way I'm doing this is to list a lot of Christmas and Black Friday deals on my Cutting Back website. So far there have been Buy.com daily deals, Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Store offeringsStarbucks, TempurPedic, and Barnes and Noble deals (and plenty others)! If you are going to do any of your holiday shopping online, check out the deals I have over there. I add about 3 a day. If there is a retailer you would like to get a discount from, let me know who it is, and I'll try and get them added.
If you have a site where you sell something, or you just want more blog traffic, let me know. I'm more than happy to give links to friends (for free. I'm not trying to scam you!). You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours, right?
Also, feel free to click on my ads around my different sites. I get almost a whole penny every time someone clicks them! Woo-hoo! Pennies!!
Thank you so much for your support and comments as I whine on and on about my situation. Your kind comments always mean a lot to me.

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