Saturday, November 26, 2011

Grateful for the work, but not for sore feet

Guess what? I got a part-time, holiday job! Woohoo! Yeah me! It is just cashier work at a major chain store that I worked at many moons ago. Nothing too spectacular or permanent. And it isn't even giving me enough hours to make ends meet. BUT! None of that matters to me. All that matters is I feel like a human again, earning money, getting out of the house, working, supporting myself (sort of), and getting to talk to people and not just my dog. In short, I am very, very grateful for the work.
I'd downright call this fun if I hadn't had to work on Black Friday. (A line of people outside the store when the employees showed up. I met my personal sales goal for the day within the first 20 minutes. It was painful, people. Painful.) But even then, it just feels good to be doing something again.
I think my first paycheck will sadly have to be spent on appropriate shoes for work. We can't wear running/sports shoes, or open-toed shoes. And a smart person won't wear high heels where you stand all day. Do you know how many pairs of shoes that leaves me? (Do you know how many pairs of shoes I own? Ballpark of 30-40.) Exactly ONE pair of shoes folks. That's how many fit the requirements. And sadly, that pair of shoes is an adorable, and yet not entirely supportive or comfortable, red (Christmassy) plaid, ballet flats. Do you know how many outfits I have that go with red plaid flats? Now subtract all the outfits that involve jeans. And I have exactly one pair of pants and no skirts that work. Yeah, that's a problem. So my first paycheck will be spent buying shoes I'll likely not need beyond the 6 weeks I work there. (I sense a thrift store purchase for these shoes.)
In other news, living in the boondocks can be very exciting during hunting season. I've heard many a shotgun blast today. Considering how many deer a week attempt to kill me while I'm driving, I can only hope the hunters are winning. As my aunt told my dad who told me when we moved here. "It isn't a matter of IF you get in a car accident on this road, it is a matter of WHEN you get in an accident." To wit- I saw over 20 deer in a 2 mile stretch today. And they were NOT yielding the right of way.
That is all, folks! Carry on.

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