Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My point, and I do have one, is

Oh the glories of the internet. One minute I have an interesting blog post planned out in my head about how I was feeling all inspired tonight to sit down and work on the book I've been writing, after having talked with the young women at church about virtue and sex and uplifting media. Which lead to me looking for something on Pinterest, which lead to looking at a video on YouTube, where somehow I went from the "Silent Monks Singing Hallelujah" to funny puppy videos, and then coming out of my interwebz daze when I found myself watching an elephant give birth.
And now, while I can remember the topic I wanted to talk about, I've completely forgotten my point. I think it was "we need more good and uplifting entertainment."
Look, cute puppy!
True story, every time I play this clip, my dog gets up and looks around for the puppy. She eventually comes over and sniffs the laptop, but ends up giving me a dirty look, like she knows I'm hiding the puppy from her.


  1. What is good and entertaining media? Everyone is an individual and will define it differently. Some people need porn to get turned on, some people are more puritanical and don't even want to see kissing. Some people chafe when they hear swear words and for others they are ok. Saying that we need it is just one step. What are you willing to do to provide it? Market it? Promote it? Create it? Christian bookstores have a ton of entertainment as do LDS bookstores. Youtube has a lot of funny clips. It is an interesting point. I haven't gone to the theater in over two years and don't feel like I'm missing out. I don't need media to be entertained, but that is me.

  2. First of all, I know who you are, no matter how many different names you comment on a blog with. You are rather transparent that way. But seriously, defending porn? And calling others puritanical?
    Must you argue with everyone all the time?
    As for what I am doing to help create good entertainment- well, there is that one time I wrote a book, and the other times I've been a contributing writer to good books. And the fact that just a few days ago I wrote about this subject -
    And about how I am working on a book again right now!
    So how about you take your lifelong case of negative narcissism and think before you speak?


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