Saturday, November 19, 2011

Please buy a Nook so we can be friends!

If you haven't noticed yet, I am on a one-woman mission to convince everyone they need NOOKs . I have a Nook, and I love my Nook. Today I even had a 10 minute chat with a nurse at the doctor's office about our Nooks. And she even started it. Everyone I have met that has one loves it and thinks it is gold. I'm telling you, if there was a fire I'd first grab my dog, and then I'd grab my Nook, and then my passport. Except who are we kidding, if there was really a fire, my dog would be saving my life, not the other way around. She's just awesome like that, even if she does snore and sleep in my bed.
But back to the Nook. The almighty, awesome website Mashable (you have to be a tech and/or social media nerd to love them like I do) put out this awesome chart to help you understand why Nooks are superior to iPads. Seriously, the only thing an iPad can do that the Nook does not, is take your picture. But considering the Nook costs- wait for it- $400 LESS than an iPad, you can go out and buy 4 digital cameras to make up the difference.
Seriously, kids, go get Nooks! You can play all the Angry Birds you want, watch Netflix and Hulu, download books, check Facebook and Twitter, not to mention emails and the rest of the internet, play games, and my favorite part- share books! What are you waiting for?

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