Friday, November 25, 2011

Starry, starry night

This may sound strange to you, but tonight I am grateful for the stars. I've always loved to stargaze, and picture myself a very amateurish astronomer. I can get lost in the lights of the night sky for hours and hours.
Since moving to our new home, high aloft the mountain, above the city, where we have no street lamps, I've had several opportunities to walk my dog in the darkness. I could take a flashlight (that's a torch to you Aussie friends), but that would ruin all the fun. I love to walk up our road and look up at the stars. They are so clear and beautiful!
Tonight as I took the dog out I stood in the middle of the road and just stared out at the Orion constellation. He looked like he was right behind our house. It sent chills down my spine it was so majestic.
My bedroom has a large sliding glass door that opens on to the back deck, high up over our (steep) yard. Most nights I sleep with the blinds pulled back so I can just stare out into the darkness. Before the leaves fell it was nothing but darkness out there. But with the stark, ugly, bare trees comes a new beauty. I can see little lights popping through the trees now. I can only see a few stars from my bed, but that is enough.
The cloudy view from my room

Several nights now I've been woken up around 4 am to find my room completely lit up. The moon hits the clouds and fog just the right way, illuminating everything. We live just high enough up the mountain that we get clouds settling around us, and a great deal of fog down below us. It can be very beautiful for a while. But considering how much I'd rather be asleep at 4 am, well, the clouds just make me that much more grateful for the stars.
How can you look into the starry night sky and not believe in and feel a Celestial Being? How can you not know there is a God when you see the diamonds dancing in the velvet sky?
I'm grateful for the stars, and all of the feelings they give me.

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