Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Swing State Voter - my new blog!

World War II Memorial in Washington, DC

I've been getting more and more involved in the upcoming 2012 presidential nomination race. I've been looking for different outlets to discuss different trends and ideas, and finally decided to start my own blog on the subject. I like to think I have a unique take on the situation given my background growing up in DC and getting involved personally in politics and government at a young age. But then, we probably all think we have a unique view on politics, don't we?

If you are interested in talking politics, specifically the upcoming presidential election year, from different points of view, please come join me over at Swing State Voter


  1. Chris2:01 PM

    How many blogs does that make now?

    your friend,

  2. Let's see.... Jobs By Erin (which isn't really a blog, but we'll count it anyway), Cutting Back, this one, Swing State, plus I assist 2 other bloggers as needed. So 4-6 blogs? Plus my column, and other writing gigs.
    I think I can finally say I'm a professional writer.


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