Monday, December 19, 2011

Awesome Conversations with my Awesome Little Cousin

Me: Are you excited for Santa to come this week?
Awesome Little Cousin, age 6: YES!!!
Me: What is he going to bring you?
Her: A PUPPY!!!
Commence wild 6 yr old hopping up and down as she describes puppies.
Her father overhears this from a distance and steps in to intervene: What did we discuss about how Santa doesn't bring puppies?
Him: Santa doesn't bring puppies. Santa brings toys.
I change the subject: Did you write a letter to Santa?
Her: No, I don't know his address to mail it to him.
Me: Oh, well that's easy. You just write "North Pole" on it, and the mail man will take it there.
Her (bewildered): But how will he know which house is Santa's?
Me (bewildered): The mail man just knows.
Her: My mail man knows where Santa lives and can go there?
Me: Um, yes! 
Her: My mail man is really smart! (pause) But I don't know how to write a letter.
Me: I bet your big brother will help you.
(He's home from college.)
Her: He will!!
He hears this and comes over to join us.
Her: Erin Ann says you can help me write a letter to Santa to ask for a puppy!
Wait, that is so not what I said.
Him: No, remember, Santa doesn't bring puppies. Santa can only bring toys that he or the elves make. Santa can't make puppies, puppies make puppies.
Very sad face.
Me: If Santa can't bring you a puppy, you can come over to my house any time you want and play with my dog, okay?
Her (light bulb going off): Wait, where did you get your dog?
Me: Umm...
Her: We'll just tell Santa where to get puppies and then he can bring me one!!
Six year old logic. You cannot beat it.

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