Saturday, December 10, 2011

Best Christmas Songs

I thought I'd follow up my post about the worst pop holiday songs by asking what you think the best Christmas songs are?

I found this list of the 99 most essential Christmas masterpieces on Amazon today ($5 instant download!), and it got me to thinking. What are the most essential Christmas songs?

Here is my list of songs or albums I just love to hear at Christmas-

Harry Connick, Jr "When My Heart Finds Christmas" My favorite song? "I Pray on Christmas" #11 I sing that song all Christmas long. (My secret love and talent- thanks to my high school and elementary music teacher, I can sing gospel and swing with the best of them!)

Christmas isn't Christmas without a gorgeous version of "O Holy Night." And every year I find myself searching for the perfect rendition. This year that goes to Nathan Pacheco , who's older sister I grew up with. His mother was even my voice teacher for a while. So maybe I'm a little biased. But the boy can sing!! (Seriously, check him out!)

My overall favorite Christmas album also changes from year to year. This year that place in my heart goes to Josh Groban's Noel album

If you haven't heard the Josh Groban "duet" with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on "O Come All Ye Faithful" you are missing out! It gives me chills!

One of my absolute most favorite Christmas songs will forever and always be I'll Be Home for Christmas by Frank Sinatra. Another secret love of mine (not so secret if you were ever my roommate) is belting this song loudly whenever I hear it.

We listened to a Fresh Aire Christmas a thousand times over as a family when I was younger. I still love this album. And I still, not so secretly, like to pretend I'm conducting my imaginary symphony when I hear Carol of the Bells.

The list of songs that I love to sing, and it just isn't really Christmas until I have sung them, will wait for another day.

What songs would you add to this list? Obviously, I like my Christmas music big, beautiful, with full orchestras, and with truly large, polished voices.

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