Thursday, December 29, 2011

Carrying the weight of the world in my shoulders apparently

"Massage by Blind" sign in Cambodia
Yesterday (and by yesterday, I mean my yesterday, which was Tuesday, even though most of you won't read till until Thursday), I made a quick trip to the mall to do what people do in the days following Christmas at the mall (spend gift cards and exchange gifts). On my way out I saw the little Chinese couple who give cheap massages at their kiosk. (I have asked and confirmed, yes, they are Chinese.) It is about $1 a minute for these massages. I've been standing, bending, twisting, and lifting while working retail, not to mention dealing with this awful sinus infection. My body HURTS. I couldn't help myself. I had $8 left on my gift card Visa, and I put it to good use. This tiny little woman, no more than 100 lbs and 5 ft tall, massaged beat me to a bloody pulp. I have never been manhandled like that before.
It was awesome.
Even after the buzzer went off saying all 7 of my minutes were done, ($1 for a tip) she kept attacking me. I pointed out time was up. She slammed me back down and kept driving nails into my lower back. Finally, about 10 more minutes later she let me get up. I was woozy for a minute! She looked at me very sternly and said, "You have bad back! You have problem! You nee help!"
Trust me, lady, don't I know it!
After the torture session ended I could actually turn my head from side to side again. It was a beautiful thing. I ran home and went straight to bed, enjoying my pain-free back. I was rudely awakened by my store manager calling and asking if I could fill in today on a 7 hour shift with less than an hour's notice. Just call me Wonder Woman! Sure! I managed to write a piece for that major publication I now write for, post 2 blog posts, walk the dog, eat, bathe, and almost even got my hair dry in that one hour. No small feat I tell you!
And then I stood on my feet, picking up books, twisting at the waist constantly, etc., etc., for 7 hours.
I hurt all over again. There are days I wonder if my minimum wage retail job is really worth the hassle. Sure, there is income. But how much of that money really makes it home when you subtract the necessity of brown bagging it, gas, massages, advil, heating pads, heavier painkillers, etc.? Today I wonder... And wish I could spend more than $8 on a massage right now.
Makes me miss Cambodia and the $6 full body massages. Even if they did include awkward naked moments next to total strangers! (Come to think of it, maybe I never share that story on the blog because such awkwardness was so normal to me by then?)

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