Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Crazies

Last Christmas, hanging out with my baby sister!

Hello Friends! My week went from being incredibly dull and boring, to suddenly very busy and unexpected. The store that cut all my hours down to just 4 last week, and said they wouldn't need me this week, suddenly wants me for 20 hours over 3 days. (And may I just say, that thus far, those have been some of the busiest, nonstop, craziest hours I have ever worked in my life?)
I'm quickly making a few small gifts for the family I will be spending Christmas Day with.
Oh and let's not forget, learning and practicing the song I am singing on Christmas in church! (not an easy feat considering the 2 months long sinus infection I've been fighting!)
And I'm happily hosting my extended family on Christmas for a big family dessert party. This will be my first time ever to host my extended family for any sort of event. And the first time we've ever had any sort of gathering at the new house. I've got my work cut out for me.
Somewhere in there I need to make a turkey, gravy, and dressing for dinner (at someone else's house) on Sunday as well.
I'm happy to be busy. VERY happy to be busy. And I really need to go get my vacuum back from the repair shop. That's really one of the keys to success this weekend.
But oy! Am I ever exhausted right now! Mostly, I just want to get some sleep!

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