Monday, December 05, 2011

Help End Sex Trafficking

Riverkids Students

Through a long meticulous process, Riverkids was awarded a place on GlobalGiving, which is a very important milestone for us.
It would be awesome if you could help us reach 50 donors from the US to make a tax-deductible donation of $90 each by 31 December 2011.
$90 provides industry visits and teambuilding field trips for 20 young women and counselling from 2 Social Workers for one month.
The Riverkids Bootstraps program helps young women aged 16 and up who are involved in the sex trade in Cambodia to commit to vocational training into safe jobs. The women talk and bond through outings to fun places like the waterpark or behind-the-scenes at a restaurant that give them a chance to be ordinary young women and see new opportunities. 60 women have already graduated into safe jobs in hairdressing, housekeeping, cooking and sewing. We have a waiting list of women eager for a second chance.
The project will help 20 young women and girls to step out of sex work. It will reduce the amount of girls at risk of child trafficking, sex trafficking, sexual abuse and HIV. It empowers the women to support their parents and younger siblings with a stable and safe job. For a female with low education, these training we provide are comparatively easier for them to learn and the skills are very useful in Cambodia.
Please visit Global Giving to make your donation today!

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