Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Spirit Surprise Attack

I got into the tiniest bit of Christmas Spirit on Monday night. It all started out by looking for an extension cord for my TV. Which lead to rummaging through boxes in the garage to find one, which is where I ran across the Christmas lights (with an extension cord attached to them), which I unpacked, then decided to hang up, which lead to putting out a wreath, and the next thing you know I found a fake tree and set it up too. And you can't just put up a tree, you have to put ornaments on it. And there you have it. I accidentally decorated for Christmas. The tree is only 5 feet tall and rather puny, and looks fairly comical in a 30x30 room all alone. And the angel is ridiculously large to be sitting on it. (Maybe I'll pull it down and put a picture of David Boreanaz on top?) But I'm glad it is there. And as you can see, so is my dog.
Just when things started to get impossible and tough over the weekend, good things followed. I'm finally getting over this sinus infection from hell, and found the right medication that is really making a difference. Until yesterday I was taking my antibiotic (which is trying to kill me from the inside out), Claritin, Mucinex-D, Nasonex, Pepcid, Tagamet, Chloraseptic (for the sore throat that won't die),  usually another decongestant as well, and using a neti pot. After all of that, I was still feeling the same after the medications as I did before them. So I took to the internets and started googling exactly the words that described my sore throat. Two quick hits later, and I found a page on WebMD describing exactly how I felt. I ran to the store, bought Prevacid, took it in the parking lot, and felt great by the time I got home. Today I am only taking the antibiotic, Claritin, Tagemet, and Prevacid. And I'm still pretty sure the antibiotic is trying to rip my guts to shreds, but I'll deal with it.
So now that I'm feeling much better my attitude has improved. Funny how that always goes hand in hand like that! My attitude is also greatly improved by getting a phone interview with an interesting company today. It was very unexpected, and I'm feeling very out of practice, but I am happy about it. Just a few more days left to make Christmas for other people great, and I'm ready to get at it!

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  1. Probiotics to balance antibiotics. Antibiotics seemed like they'd kill me to and infections kept returning until it was all balanced out by good bacteria. I LOVE L. Acidopholis best kind is refrigerated, but on a limited budget tons of yogurt is a hero. Best of luck on the mending.


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