Monday, January 30, 2012

Twins? Um, not so much.

I have officially worn out my favorite jeans. I bought them just before Christmas a year ago. And I have probably worn them 300 of the last 365 days. No exaggeration. They fit perfectly and are very comfortable. So naturally I decided to buy an identical pair to replace them-

Same size, brand, cut, color, and everything. What do you think? Not exactly identical now are they? The new pair, which is in theory the same size as the first pair, are a good 2 inches smaller around the waist. I can barely pull them up! (The color difference is okay considering how many times the original pair have been washed.)


So do I return them (via Amazon) or make these my new "goal pants?" I'm very actively dieting and attempting to lose weight right now. I could use these as my incentive...

In other fashion industry of Erin's closet news- I bought a pair of jeans a few weeks ago (also online- what can I say? Shopping is really limited in Roanoke.). The same size as the jeans above actually. They are made with a little bit different cotton and lycra blend than I am used to. (Skinny fit jeans from Lands End.) I wore them a few times, and washed them several times, thinking I could make them shrink, and to run out the excessive indigo dye in them that kept turning my hands and legs blue. The color has finally set, but the jeans refuse to fit. Skinny fit jeans that are too baggy! Go figure! I also have a skirt that is just a little too baggy on me, so I figured it was time to do the thing I've always said I was going to do. I took my clothes to an alterations shop. For $8 the maxi-skirt is getting hemmed up (I bought it on sale for $4) and taken in, and for $10 the jeans are getting hemmed up several inches, and taken in through the waist, and all up and down the legs. I am picking them up from the shop tomorrow (took her 4 days). I'm excited to have a pair of jeans that won't gape open around the waist (you know what I'm talking about, it happens to all of us), and fit me perfectly. Considering I bought both the jeans and skirt on great sales, I'm still getting a really good price on them even after alterations.

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