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Oh hi there

If you are looking for me, tonight (and most nights) I am blogging at Swing State Voter about the election returns.
And tomorrow I'll be cleaning house, writing a book, writing my daily articles, running a website, cleaning up after a barfing dog, and hosting New Beginnings (at my house).
Thursday I'll be writing a book, writing my daily articles, running a website, cleaning up after a barfing dog, and at a Mitt Romney grassroots meeting.
Friday I'll be writing a book, writing my daily articles, running a website, cleaning up after a barfing dog, and I have a girl date with one of my favorite girlies.
Saturday- no plans yet. I might be back by then. Or I may be asleep. Or volunteering for Romney. We'll see.
And somewhere in there I have signed up for three yoga classes a week. I've got 7ish weeks till my sister's wedding. My back is in terrible condition right now (I always have a bad back) and it needs serious physical therapy. So yoga it is for PT and gett…

Breaking Up With the Peace Corps or Choosing Between 2 Dreams

As you may have noticed, I haven't blogged a whole lot lately. Or maybe you haven't noticed because you actually saw a few of the posts I deleted shortly after posting them. For the last 10 days I've had something huge hanging over my head, and now that it is for the most part resolved, I'm ready to come clean about it.
If you've been reading this blog for long you know I have a tendency to share a lot of my bigger life issues on here, often because I have no one at home to talk to about it. Writing them out, even if just to share them with the ethernet, somehow makes me feel better. And there is a lot to be said for the catharsis that comes (for me) with just writing out your thoughts.
So where was that inherent trait these past few days? Why was I not writing out and sharing my feelings the way I usually do when faced with a huge decision? I don't have an answer for that, other than this time I just couldn't bring myself to do it. No, I'm not apologi…

Famous for Being Mormon? Or a Famous Mormon?

I'm starting to get a little tired of how the media and non-Mormons out there assume and pronounce that Mitt and Ann Romney are important to Mormons.

This is the line that got me going, "Ann Romney is now the most famous Mormon on Pinterest—but far from the first." It came from "Why Do Mormons, Including Mitt Romney's Wife, Love Pinterest?"**

Um, first, let's start with the obvious. A lot more people than just Mormons like Pinterest. Second, is it our fault if we were there first? Trust me, knowing social media like I do, if I wanted to launch a social networking site, I'd try and get the incredibly social and networked Mormons into it too!

Last week a Nobel-laureate Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel got in an uproar over baptisms for the dead. I'm not going to discuss the actual issue over what happened. I'm just going to jump to the stupid thing that he said. He demanded that Mitt Romney do something about it. He said that since M…

The little problem with my job

As you may know, I now write for a stock market analysis website. Not being a fantastic stock market analyst, I often rely on outside sources to help me along. My method is to get a press release straight from the company, do my own cursory analysis, look up 2-3 other sources, and see where my ideas line up against theirs. From there I can write something without too much fear of being horribly wrong. (Because, trust me, I really fear being horribly wrong!)

Unfortunately, sometimes not being a stock market genius, or MBA, comes back to bite me. For instance, here's a little problem I ran into today-
What the AP said (and is syndicated all over the place)- (loss of $60.6M)

What Reuters said (and is also syndicated all over the place)- (profit of $60.6M)

What the company actually said in their press release-
See the problem?

Now, I've read enough of these ledgers to have a pretty good idea of whether or not AP or Reuters is right. However, the fact that one of these major news…

the clock is ticking

Less than 24 hours left till I have to decide and commit, and no, I am no closer today than I was on Saturday to making my decision.
However, I have perfected the art of distraction and procrastination.
Still no sign of the decision fairies.
I'm acting so out of character living in denial, and not trying to gather as much information about both of my situations as possible, that I barely know who I am.
I even baked a chocolate cake and didn't eat it. It's still just sitting there. I'm not even turning to comfort foods.
This is just weird.
Meanwhile, there's a whole lotta this going on around here-

Stupor of Thought

When I am confused or faced with a difficulty, I often find I express myself in terms of water. Raging water, calm water, rippling water, torrents of water, trickling brooks. When I need to reflect or retreat, I often navigate to a body of water and just stare out. Today my heart is navigating to this picture I took of the waves at Virginia Beach a few hours after Hurricane Earl. It depicts my feelings perfectly today. Raging waves, dark sky, and yet there's an elegance about it, and the worst is over. The storm will pass soon and peace will return.
Multiple times over the last few days I've attempted to sit down and write about what has been going on in my life, but each time I do I just sort of give up. I've often heard  or been taught that the answer to prayer can come in the form of a "stupor of thought." And I do believe this week I am experiencing it for the first time.
I have a very, very big decision I have to make. Without going into detail, it basicall…

Singles Meme

The Story of a Nice Mormon Girl wouldn't be complete without a singles meme of her own!

Human Rights- will you sit back and let this happen?

I'm a self-confessed news junkie. While I work from home writing on all matter of subjects my TV is on in the background, usually on CNN, and a little bit of CNBC (what? I write about the stock market!). This week I've had to turn off the TV altogether out of complete frustration. While I am sad that Whitney Houston died (albeit as a result of her own bad choices in life, a victim of her own free agency), I cannot stomach another "news" story about her funeral, autopsy, or legacy. Her legacy is this- she had free agency. She had talent. She chose to squander both on drugs and alcohol, and eventually died from her poor choices. What we should be doing is holding her up as an example of what not to do, and how to ruin a life, and traumatically hurt your own family by making selfish choices. But that isn't what is happening, is it? I refuse to say, "we're" making a memorial to her and buying her albums. I can't say "we're," because I…

Singles Awareness Day

You don't know it but today is fairly significant for me.
1. I have not one, but two articles in Meridian Magazine today. Why? Some people like love stories, the rest of us are single.
2. I just spent more money on a (bright hot pink) bridesmaid's dress that I will wear one time than I have ever spent on any item of clothing ever before (prom dresses included). As a result, I can't afford new tires on my car. That's a big deal for me. Yes, fashion before safety I always say.
3. I got a job offer I wasn't looking for. And now I have to decide between pursuing my writing career (with little to no safety net, but I'm absolutely LOVING), and other options. I've never been more confused in my life. How do you choose between Life Plan A and Life Plan B? Two very different paths, two very different dreams. If you need me, I'll be curled up in the fetal position drinking Diet Dr Pepper, until the decision fairies come down and tell me what to do.
4. I fo…

We do not suffer from ADD, we enjoy every minute of it

Just another reason why I love working with the teen girls at church.
(In this story I was not the teacher. Also, the teacher was Becky.)

The lesson was about choosing to be happy regardless of circumstance.

Teacher: Does eating too much dessert make you happy?
Girls (Varied answers about yes, but not later.)
Teacher: Not me! if you eat too much dessert you have to buy more fat pants, and fat pants are bad.
Oldest Girl: It's all about the sweat pants.
Teacher: I work at Roanoke College! I can't wear sweat pants!
Oldest Girl: So get some sweat pants that say Roanoke College across the butt!
Teacher: What about my butt?!
Oldest Girl: You have a great butt, Becky.
Me in my head: Oh my gosh, Becky, look at her butt.
Teacher: Thank you, but I don't like my butt.
Me in my head: It's so OUT THERE!

Class continues with more ADD tangents. We thrive on ADD tangents.

Teacher: What makes you happy?
Varied answers.
Youngest girl (mostly joking): Rainbows, unicorns, and sparkly t…

Single Mormon Woman Shares All

Earlier this week I wrote a piece for Meridian Magazine entitled "Where are the Role Models for Single Women?" Today I read a great piece in the Washington Post, "Some people never find the love of their lives. And live to tell about it." It is accompanied by the results of a fascinating survey about single life.
As a Single Mormon Woman I found that I could relate to much of the article, but less so to the survey results. Very rarely were my answers the same as the majority of answers. I believe this is partially due to my Mormon background, as well as my discomfort with my current financial and professional situations (which, yes, are improving, but are far from perfect). It is possible that if those two areas of my life were more stable and secure that I may have different answers.

Yesterday something very interesting happened to me. I have lived in Roanoke for nearly two years, and for the first time since moving here I was invited to a social event [that was…

If the pen is mightier than the sword, how dangerous is my laptop?

"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." - Benjamin Franklin
As mentioned a few times before, my day to day life has yet again changed drastically. I've picked up a few freelance, part-time jobs, and they are keeping me very busy. The first one requires that I edit a website for 2-4 hours every day, plus if a writer fails to meet a deadline I get to quickly jump into action and write a filler piece. The second job is still blogging for the Motley Fool, where my goal is to write at least 2 pieces a day (preferably three), since I get paid per syndicated piece. These two gigs alone can take 8-10 hours of my day.
From there I still have this blog, my political blog, and my sorely neglected Cutting Back and Going Green blog.
Oh and I'm over 100 pages into writing a book.
All in all, we're talking about 14-18 hours of writing every day.
That's a lot of quality time spent with my laptop.
Or roughly 20,000 words typed daily.
Who knew I k…

Who says blogging is narcisstic?


When Girl Goes on Date with Boy to Meet his Friend and Instead Meets her Future Husband

Over Christmas I had the fun opportunity to have my Great Aunt Nadine tell me the story of how she met her husband, my Great Uncle Paul. It is a very cute and fun story, and for my LDS friends, you will recognize a few interesting names in it!  And if you aren't LDS, it is still a very cute story.

(I know a few of my cousins will be reading this. This is the story to the best of my recollection. If anyone wants to correct me (like the name of the friend), please do! Jeannie- I'm looking at you here!)

First, you all have to promise that you are reading this with a thick Southern Belle accent, because that is how my Aunt Nadine told it to me.
Aunt Nadine is my grandmother's baby sister. They had 16 siblings, 13 of whom grew to maturity, but 3 brothers who died before Nadine was even born (she even has a few nieces older than she is). The 6 youngest were all sisters (including my grandmother), and were all quite pretty. And they all grew up on this dang here mountain …

An Old Dog Teaches Her Human a New Trick

Have I mentioned lately how awesome my dog is?

Kaya and I have been a team for 3 years now, and we still like each other. 
This week I learned that an old dog (she's 7) can still teach me new tricks.
For as long as I can recall our routine (and that of most dog owners I think) is to take her out to do her business, or even just let her run out on her own, and when she comes back in the door I give her a little scratching and ear rub, and tell her she's a good girl and "so good looking." (A joke I picked up from Seinfeld years ago.)
Lately she's been driving me crazy. She got to go play with two other dogs for a whole week while I was out of town. And since I've been back, she's been very demanding about wanting more attention and playtime. Unfortunately for her, since I've been back, I've started working again, and have had no play time to give. She gets frustrated with me and will come up to where I am sitting and working with my laptop and plac…


I woke up in a good mood today. I found myself smiling excessively. I was downright jolly at times.
And I couldn't figure out why I was so dang happy. Had I gotten paid? Flirted with a boy? Been given a compliment? Anything? I really couldn't remember what was making me so dang glad to be alive.
And then I realized what it was.
I am working. I have purpose. I have income. I'm needed every day to contribute to something. I have importance. I matter. I am someone.  I am happy! This is why the point of welfare needs to be to get people OFF of welfare! This is why we need less handouts, and more work opportunities. People need more than just food on their plates (but yes, they need assistance in the meantime to put food on their plates), they need self worth and independence. They need to earn and provide for themselves- so they can walk around and feel like they matter and so they can be happy!

Reason 5 million and 99 why I love working with the Young Women

I have said it before and I will say it again, I love working with the young women at church. Tonight made me love the girls all that much more.
The girls were each asked to bring a story from their family history about an ancestor and read it to the group. Britton was reading a story about her great-great-grandmother from Denmark, Else. She struggled with some of the words and pronunciations and finally settled on pronouncing 'Else' as the normal English word 'else.'

Britton: They lived in Copenhagen, and had a young daughter named Else. 
Under her breath, Ariana adds: Comma first name Or.

I didn't even bother keep a straight face.