Friday, February 10, 2012

If the pen is mightier than the sword, how dangerous is my laptop?

My current lifestyle doesn't lend itself well to many interesting photo ops during the day. So here's a random favorite from Cambodia for your viewing pleasure.

"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing." - Benjamin Franklin

As mentioned a few times before, my day to day life has yet again changed drastically. I've picked up a few freelance, part-time jobs, and they are keeping me very busy. The first one requires that I edit a website for 2-4 hours every day, plus if a writer fails to meet a deadline I get to quickly jump into action and write a filler piece. The second job is still blogging for the Motley Fool, where my goal is to write at least 2 pieces a day (preferably three), since I get paid per syndicated piece. These two gigs alone can take 8-10 hours of my day.
From there I still have this blog, my political blog, and my sorely neglected Cutting Back and Going Green blog.
Oh and I'm over 100 pages into writing a book.
All in all, we're talking about 14-18 hours of writing every day.
That's a lot of quality time spent with my laptop.
Or roughly 20,000 words typed daily.
Who knew I knew that many words?
It has been a lot of work, and a lot of lifestyle adjustments, but I have to admit, I'm loving every second of it. I'm getting paid to do something I love. I'm getting to study and learn several new things every day. And I get to write for fun on subjects I'm passionate about,and get paid for it! And I rarely have to get up and get dressed- bonus!
It really isn't the worst lifestyle in the world, I'll give it that.

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