Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Singles Awareness Day

You don't know it but today is fairly significant for me.
1. I have not one, but two articles in Meridian Magazine today. Why? Some people like love stories, the rest of us are single.
2. I just spent more money on a (bright hot pink) bridesmaid's dress that I will wear one time than I have ever spent on any item of clothing ever before (prom dresses included). As a result, I can't afford new tires on my car. That's a big deal for me. Yes, fashion before safety I always say.
3. I got a job offer I wasn't looking for. And now I have to decide between pursuing my writing career (with little to no safety net, but I'm absolutely LOVING), and other options. I've never been more confused in my life. How do you choose between Life Plan A and Life Plan B? Two very different paths, two very different dreams. If you need me, I'll be curled up in the fetal position drinking Diet Dr Pepper, until the decision fairies come down and tell me what to do.
4. I found out that the best Chinese food in our town now delivers to my house. And they deliver sushi. (Less than a 5 minute drive- otherwise, I would never get delivered sushi.) And it is really good sushi.

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