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When Girl Goes on Date with Boy to Meet his Friend and Instead Meets her Future Husband

Over Christmas I had the fun opportunity to have my Great Aunt Nadine tell me the story of how she met her husband, my Great Uncle Paul. It is a very cute and fun story, and for my LDS friends, you will recognize a few interesting names in it!  And if you aren't LDS, it is still a very cute story.

(I know a few of my cousins will be reading this. This is the story to the best of my recollection. If anyone wants to correct me (like the name of the friend), please do! Jeannie- I'm looking at you here!)

First, you all have to promise that you are reading this with a thick Southern Belle accent, because that is how my Aunt Nadine told it to me.
Aunt Nadine is my grandmother's baby sister. They had 16 siblings, 13 of whom grew to maturity, but 3 brothers who died before Nadine was even born (she even has a few nieces older than she is). The 6 youngest were all sisters (including my grandmother), and were all quite pretty. And they all grew up on this dang here mountain together.
The stories of how men would come to Roanoke just to meet the family with the 6 pretty sisters (and their cousins) are legendary in these parts. (Or at least in our family.)
Aunt Nadine is around 79 years old now, I believe.
Again, remember, Southern Belle accent, think Scarlett O'Hara is telling you the story. Because those 6 sisters wouldn't have it any other way.
"Well, I was twenty years old and ripe to be married. There was a nice boy named Rich Scott that I would go with from time to time. He had asked me to go with him to Washington, DC to go to a dance at the Old Washington Chapel. Now I didn't care much for Rich, he was nice enough, but he wasn't nobody. But I liked his friend Marv, so I said yes, just so I could have the chance to talk to Marv on the drive up there. Marv was older than us, and I always thought he was right smart.
"We went to the dance, and my dance card was full. I was having a nice time when this girl came up to me and asked if I would be going to Mutual the next day. I said I supposed so. And she said she was real glad because her brother thought I was the prettiest girl in the room and he wanted to get to know me tomorrow.
"Well, I wasn't that impressed with him or the sister. I wasn't going to pay him no mind if he was going to send his sister over to talk to me instead of talking to me himself. So I just kept myself entertained dancing with Rich and Marv.
"The next night I walked into Mutual where I saw that same girl dancing with a similar looking boy. I figured that must be her brother. I didn't pay him no mind at first. But as soon as that song was over he came over and asked to dance with me. I told him he would have to dance with my friend first. He said he would so he danced with Jeanene. I was promised on my dance card to Rich. But as soon as the brother could, he came right back over to ask me to dance again. I took a good look at him in his Marine uniform and saw he had the prettiest blue eyes I had ever seen. Well, I forgot all about old Marv then. The only man for me was Paul. He asked me out on a date for the very next day. We doubled with Rich and my roommate Jeanene. It was a little awkward at first, since Rich had been my date to start with. But he liked Jeanene well enough.
"Rich was a nice fellow but he wasn't anybody special to me. Now he thinks he's somebody and goes by Richard G. Scott. But back then he was just good old Rich."
At this point my jaw drops open, "Wait a minute, are you talking about Elder Scott?"
"Yes, honey, he's a General Authority now. But back then he was just a college boy with a car. Hadn't even served in the military. I wanted a man in uniform."
Me: dumbfounded. "Are you telling me... you went on a trip and a date with Richard G. Scott just so you could see his friend Marv and that's how you met Uncle Paul??"
"Well, yes, but I haven't told you the good part yet."
(Me: dumbfounded)
"So we went on a date and I knew right away that I liked Paul. He was just out of the Marines and had nice blue eyes. Rich and I drove back to Roanoke. Paul came down right away and we went out again and he met the family. Mother approved, so I told him we could get married. But I had to ditch Rich first. So I  Rich know, and we all went out on another double date with Rich and Jeanene. Paul and I got married the next weekend. Jeanene wouldn't marry Rich until he went on a mission. So they both went on missions, and then got married after they got back."

And that, my friends, is the story of how Aunt Nadine met Uncle Paul. And also the story of how Elder Richard G. Scott met his own wife.


  1. Amazing! I like to look up LDS love stories and I stumbled upon your blog by accident to find this. It is the cutest love story I've read so far.

  2. Simply beautiful... and hilarious! :D

  3. What a shockingly amazing story this turned out to be! When I first read it, I thought it was Richard G. Scott and his Jeanene and IT WAS! Thank you for sharing!


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