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Don't just "like" it, tell them you like it!

This may sound crazy coming from a person who is perceived to be a social media professional and aficionado. But I'm tired of social media. It makes people forget to be nice. When did people stop being nice? I think social media killed nice feedback. Hear me out. When we like something now (whether it be a “Facebook like” or just a like like), we share it. We “Facebook like” it, or share it on Twitter, email links, etc. But do we ever bother to stop and leave a nice comment for the author anymore? Or are the comments sections of online posts reserved for arguments and nasty responses? There does seem to be an exception when it comes to blogs, I admit. Maybe that is because of the more personal nature of blogging, and the connection readers feel to the blogger. But when it comes to professional writing, does anyone ever feel compelled to leave a positive comment? Or do they “share” it now? Of course, sharing a well-liked article with your friends is the ultimate compliment…

To date, or not to date. I hate this question.

At one point in time this blog was somewhat about dating, adventures in business travel, and my ever so exciting social life.
That was a very long time ago.
Now I have almost no social life to speak of, can't remember the last time I went on a date, and business travel involves walking from my bedroom to the tv room.
And yet in 4 weeks I have a wedding to attend. Not just any wedding, my little sister's wedding. This is a very traditional, formal wedding. (Not a temple Mormon wedding.) The kind with dancing, and a seated dinner. (And please, please not a boring receiving line for 3 hours reception.) (I'm in the wedding party. I have no desire to stand in a receiving line all night. I don't even go through receiving lines when I attend wedding receptions. BORING.)
Which brings me to my point. At LDS weddings we don't care about bringing dates to wedding receptions. (Why? Because 9 times out of 10, it is just a receiving line with a few appetizers served. You…

Lessons to be Learned

Every Sunday I feel like I learn something new from the young teenage girls I work with at church. Today was no exception.
All of our girls are wonderful, and each of them for their own special reason. We have one girl who has a heart as big as the world, and one of the most loveable things about her is that she has no idea just how rare she is.
Today one of the other leaders, who is a grandmother of a special needs little girl, announced that she will be walking in a March of Dimes event in a few months. She invited the girls, that if they wanted to, to save their pocket change to donate to her fundraising. That is all she asked of them- pocket change. If you know our girls, it will come as no surprise that immediately they started asking if they could walk with her too. And I strongly suspect that some of them will actually do it, because that is just who they are. (However, I'm sure they don't know the fundraising aspect of it all, and once they find out, it may hold sever…

Trial By Jury

I watch a LOT of news. I read a LOT of news. We're talking hours and hours of it every day. I have to do it for my different jobs, and I really don't mind doing it because I like to be informed. I've been following the Trayvon Martin case because I can't avoid it, quite frankly. Normally, I don't like to follow big crime stories like this (for instance, Casey Anthony, OJ, etc). I'm not a fan at all of "trial by media" stories. If one could go so far as to be politically and morally against "trial by media" stories, I'd be in that camp.
Have you ever noticed how these "trial by media" stories rarely ever go the direction the media-tainted public thinks they should go? Again, Casey Anthony, OJ, Michael Jackson and the like. Somehow, every time the media hypes a story and does their own "digging," the jury in the courtroom, which hears the real police evidence, and the real witness testimonies (as compared to the "…

What I'm up to all the time

No question about it, the blog has not been my top priority for the past few months. I have to admit that after writing for my paid work all day, I'm kind of writed out. On an average day I'm writing about 20 pages a day, and that's a lot of writing. I'm not exactly thinking, "Hmm... now that I a few minutes to myself, I think I will write more."

And I admit I downloaded Draw Something to my iPhone. My free time seems to now be occupied drawing stick figures for my friends to interpret. One lucky friend even got my stick figure interpretation of the Macarena dance. Oh yeah. It was awesome.

I don't get out and have fun very often. Don't get me wrong, my life is enjoyable, and I'm having a good time. But compared to my past activities, I really don't get out much. I rarely eat out, go shopping (for things other than groceries), anything really. I'm seriously boring. Last night I did get out and go see (alone) the Hunger Games at midnight. I…

Rainy Days and Mondays (Don't) Always Get Me Down

Oh how I miss Cambodia today. What I wouldn't give for a real fruit drink and some fish amok. I woke up with a crazy craving for mango and pineapple and I won't be happy until I find some. Ooh and papaya sounds good too. I've just spent 20 minutes changing all of my profile pictures to Cambodia pics on different websites. I miss it!

But let's talk about yesterday. By all counts, I had a bad day. Things went from small mistakes to big dumb problems. And I felt bad about it, I really did. I've always been very good about kicking myself while I'm down. I've never needed extra punishing because I've got that covered all by myself. So trust me when I say I felt really bad about my stupid mistake that got me in trouble. Thankfully no one else felt the need to kick me while I was down. For that I am grateful. It was all handled very nicely. But still, I felt awful. Today I still haven't felt the courage to get up and try again. I'm still feeling prett…

To Do List

My to do list today includes call the maid, call the gardener, get car detailed, ship gifts, take the dog to the groomer, and go to a bar.
All these things together make me sound like someone I am not.
I'm greatly amused. 
Happy Saint Patrick's Day, y'all.

Erin Go Bragh!!!

Making Roanoke Home

After 18 months or so of living in Roanoke, it may be time to start calling it home and making it my home. It seems like ever since I got here the plan has been to leave as soon as the right opportunity presented itself. But now that things have changed (again) and I am mostly employed, there are no plans to leave. It feels strange to say, but I just might stay here.
I never expected to like it here. I grew up visiting Roanoke frequently as a kid. We lived four hours away but came every few months or so to visit family. I always thought of Roanoke as a pain to visit, slightly redneck, and a little too small town for me. I still do think of it as redneck and a little small town. But I've actually started to like it as I have adjusted myself to living here. It also helps to finally have some semblance of stability and independence. I'm still mooching off my parents and living in their house (they aren't living here though). I'd like to be able to buy or rent my own plac…


I know I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it a thousand times again. But I sure do love working with the young women at church. They just make me happy. I love watching them grow up and change, and yet I want them to stay their precious cute little girl selves at the same time.
Today I was fasting for a personal reason, and for my friend's toddler who has an inoperable brain tumor and is very sick. I struggle with fasting because it puts me in such a rotten mood. Going hungry for several hours on end messes with my blood sugar and just leaves me very cranky (not to mention daylight saving time robbing me of an hour of sleep, and going to bed extra late). Plus even after I do finally eat something I still tend to stay a little off for the whole day (headache, stomachache). But I believe in the power of fasting, so when it is needed I fight through my personal issues with it.
Generally fighting through my issues means I avoid people. I know I can't handle eve…

Cries of Pain

I feel like a pretty crappy human being today. Someone yelled at me and insulted me pretty good this morning. I didn't do a good enough job on something I had worked hard on. I haven't finished all of my 'must-do' items in several days. There's a project I've been working on for charity sitting in the corner that hasn't been touched in weeks. I feel like I'm not doing enough to serve others lately. My butt is gigantic and was shown on TV last night, making me feel really insecure about my body image. Someone ever so impolitely let me know that it isn't the dress that is making me look fat- words that hurt considering I've been dieting diligently for two months now. I talk too much. I'm opinionated. And I haven't achieved any major life goals in a while. In other words, today I feel like I suck.

But today things were also put into perspective for me. I learned about two horrible and sad things happening to friends. Both are facing horrib…

New Behaviors