Friday, March 23, 2012

What I'm up to all the time

Other things that happened this week- I'm down 25 lbs since August! And I fit into my "goal jeans!"
No question about it, the blog has not been my top priority for the past few months. I have to admit that after writing for my paid work all day, I'm kind of writed out. On an average day I'm writing about 20 pages a day, and that's a lot of writing. I'm not exactly thinking, "Hmm... now that I a few minutes to myself, I think I will write more."

And I admit I downloaded Draw Something to my iPhone. My free time seems to now be occupied drawing stick figures for my friends to interpret. One lucky friend even got my stick figure interpretation of the Macarena dance. Oh yeah. It was awesome.

I don't get out and have fun very often. Don't get me wrong, my life is enjoyable, and I'm having a good time. But compared to my past activities, I really don't get out much. I rarely eat out, go shopping (for things other than groceries), anything really. I'm seriously boring. Last night I did get out and go see (alone) the Hunger Games at midnight. I loved the book series, and the movie is equally great. I have never seen a better book to movie adaptation. There was one tiny little part that I was surprised they left out. It was so obvious that it was filmed (because the characters were in the background still) and edited out, that I was disappointed. But this movie will not disappoint fans of the book. It was exactly as I imagined it and more. I can't think of one part I imagined differently. Lenny Kravitz? Perfect! Donald Sutherland? Perfect. Jennifer Lawrence? I admit, I was not happy about her casting at first (I wanted that girl from True Grit), but she won me over in the first few minutes. Same as the Gale and Peeta casting. My favorite person has to be Rue. She was perfectly cast, absolutely adorable, and if you know the story, let me just say, I BAWLED!! And I was not alone, the whole theater was just sobbing!! Did you know one of the sons of Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid plays Cato? He looks just like his mom, but has his father's expressions. And he nailed his character. I had actually completely forgotten the character Seneca Crane, and thought they just wrote him in seamlessly to help the story along. (I was wrong.) Again, he was played perfectly. And he's very good looking. Loved his beard. Did I mention I loved this movie?

In other news, my parents come next week! My mom will be here for almost 5 weeks. My dad for only a few days, and I won't see him. But he'll be back for my sister's wedding in a few more weeks. My other sister and 3 nephews arrive a week later and will stay almost 3 weeks. (In case it isn't obvious everyone is coming to visit for my baby sister's wedding at the end of the month.)My whole day (which I am completely procrastinating getting started right now) will be spent running errands and prepping for the big arrivals. I am looking forward to having everyone around for a month. (And a little nervous too! I'm not used to so many people being around all the time! Its a little loud and crazy when you are used to being the only one around. Any other singles every feel that way?)

Here's some of the writing I've been up to lately-
Coming Home- a review of Joanna Brooks' "Book of Mormon Girl" memoir. (co-written with BFFJules)
Meeting New Friends Isn't Always Easy
Buy Gun Stocks When a Democrat is in Office (talk about a flashback yesterday! Cowriting with Juli for Meridian again, and writing an article about firearms! I felt like I was 27 again.)
Understanding Airfares or How to Save on Your Next Flight
and one of my favorites, Santorum Math is a Beautiful Thing

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