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I'm just a little black rain cloud

I'm sort of in a bad mood.
After five months of dealing with this throat problem, I feel considerably much better today. Normally this would be cause for celebration. But it isn't. It will be later, possibly after a nap or two, but for now I'm annoyed. I'm really annoyed that it has only taken three days of antibiotics for 75% of my problems to disappear. In other words, I'm mad at my original physician for 5 months of a misdiagnosis, when the real problem was not all that complicated to figure out (how many times did I tell her I felt like I had non-stop post-nasal drip going on?!). A sinus infection. That is all it is. A sinus infection.
I'm also in a bad mood because I was on an incredibly minor car accident this weekend. So minor that you can't even see the damage on the car I was driving. (Someone else hit me.) And yet, I still have a painful case of whiplash, and one very sore neck and back.
I'm going to take a nap now, and when I wake up, I…

Follow up on the whole crappy sick thing

A quick post to following up on the whole being sick sucks thing.
it still sucks. But now it still sucks after having gone to 2 specialists this week.
Here's what went down thus far-
Original physician has me diagnosed as reflux, and had me on an ungodly amount of reflux meds, that made no difference whatsoever.
Also, I've never had reflux once in any of this.
The Reflux Specialist I was sent to see declared it most definitely, not reflux. She thinks I have a swallowing disorder, and said I should see an ENT. But scheduled me to get a swallow test on Monday anyway.
The ENT thinks I have a "high up" sinus infection, took a very uncomfortable culture from inside my nose, and said I have very inflamed vocal chords that would explain all the choking. His solution? (other than being rude to me and making me want to cry) Antibiotics for a month. He also told me to go off the reflux meds because it isn't reflux. What paperwork did he send me home with? "How to Liv…

It was a nice day for a white wedding

A sneak peak from the wedding photos!
A few of my favorite pics found on my phone and camera from my sister's wedding.
Our brother is currently deployed and was unable to be at the wedding. We got to talk to him right before the ceremony, which was a lot of fun, and maybe made a few of us cry just a little bit. To "include" him in the festivities we enlarged the only photo we could find that was a high enough resolution and put him on foam core, and carried him around with us. He may kill me in the end for the not incredibly flattering picture, but he was a huge hit. When I pulled him out (I have to admit "pulling Scott out" and "putting Scott away" got to be very funny) and we explained to the groomsmen what was going on (note- all of them are the groom's fire crew- also standing in rank order-chief to yellow hat) they all cheered for him.
A much more traditional photo- the whole bridal party, minus the ring bearers. The flower girl was stink…

Need something to read today?

Random pics found on my phone.

What's on my bookshelf right now-

Bay and Her Boys: Unexpected Lessons I Learned as a Single Mom by Bay Buchanan. I worked for Bay while I was taking a break from college. She has been a huge influence on me politically and professionally. And my family loves to call her a good friend! She is a political expert that can regularly be found as a "talking head" on CNN, Fox, and others. She's also currently a spokesperson for the Romney Campaign. Her book is about raising three sons as a single mother, being LDS (from a Catholic family), and her very public and challenging career. I can't wait to dig in to this book!

Hello Life by Kristen Marie. Another book written by a friend! Kristen and I were friends back in Utah (and still are). She's a fabulous writer and editor. This book is a memoir of her journey as a single woman and mother through dating and coming in to her own regarding her beliefs and religion. She was the editor and …

Sleepwalking in my Sleep

A few days ago I decided to buy myself a little treat. I bought myself a real pair of "grown up" earrings. Expensive earrings. The kind I've always wanted but have never wanted to spend that sort of money on myself for before. But with the wedding this weekend, and a little extra spending money in my pocket, I decided to go for it. I earned it. I wanted it.
So I found a versatile, high quality, beautiful pair of silver and gold hoops, and paid more than I usually even pay for a nice dress, for these earrings. It was just time to finally do it.
(Also, I'm horribly allergic to most earrings. To find the kind that doesn't make my ears balloon up instantly is not the easiest thing in the world to do.)
I wore my earrings for two full days. I love them!
Last night I accidentally fell asleep fully dressed on my bed several hours early. A phone call from my dad woke me up around 10:30 pm. I vaguely recall going back to sleep, getting back up, and then going back to bed …

Family Fertilizer

Blast From the Past- Making Family Fertilizer (also known as, "your family has rules about who can be buried in the cemetery??") Originally posted in August 2007!

So you think your family has issues? Allow me to introduce you to my family and our by-laws. Yes, my family has by-laws. Not just any bylaws. We have by-laws on how and who can be buried in the family cemetery. And according to the new rules, I am not eligible. Let’s start at the beginning. And by beginning I mean 3 generations back when my great-great grandfather had five children and one mountain in Southern Virginia. Those five children went on to produce nearly 2,000 descendants, with over 1,600 currently living (no polygamy for us, thank you very much!), most of whom still live in Southern Virginia. And on that mountain there is a cemetery which is rapidly filling up with my gene pool. While a family cemetery on the family mountain sounds quaint, there's a little problem. They only built a ceme…

Being sick sucks

A few weeks ago I mentioned I've been dealing with an annoying and difficult medical issue. It has been a strange experience dealing with it, and I haven't wanted to discuss it. But now I've reached the point where I need more help. I need to share it because I need to know if anyone else has ever experienced anything similar.
I personally think that I was misdiagnosed a few months ago. Here's why-
Back in November I got several sinus infections. One after the other I felt like I spent 1-2 months congested and miserable. Lots of coughing, lots of cough syrup, and antibiotics. By Christmastime I was starting to notice that my sinuses were clearing up, and I didn't feel congested anymore, but my sore throat was persistent. I felt like I had a constant post-nasal drip situation going on that wouldn't stop with any decongestant. And I kid you not, I have tried every single thing on the market, plus several homeopathic, natural, etc., remedies. Not one thing at all…

Wedding Crazies

It is a crazy week around here, folks! My mother, sister, and nephews are all in town. My dad and other sister will arrive in a few days. I drove up to DC and back yesterday for Serena's funeral. And we have my great-aunt's funeral on Saturday. Then there is the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and a wedding! Somewhere in there my brother-in-law arrives in town as well. Plus there's all that fun wedding prep stuff, like haircuts, new shoes, fittings, etc. And trying to keep up with my 2 work-from-home jobs, while my home is full of wedding crazies, and gremlins posing as my nephews.
Confession- today I resorted to bribing my nephews with cash. It worked until I ran out of ones, and only had twenties left. I wasn't willing to pay with twenties, but they were more than willing to do the same "work" for me for higher pay. Yeah, not going to happen. ("Work" often includes, "Hey, Porter, will you run down to my room and bring me my ...")

Try, try again

For anyone who has ever tried and failed- you need to read this. It's just flat out awesome.

(don't be fooled by the title, it is so much more than the title suggests)

The Dirty Little Secret of Overnight Success

The Life of a Writer

For anyone who cares, I did a little bit of writing in places today!
I posted not once, not twice, but three whole times over at And I even managed to remember to post at Cutting Back and Going Green about toilets for the first time in over 2 months. And as usual, I've written about all sorts of things for the Motley Fool, including this post about Burger King.
What I haven't managed to do today- get out of bed and get dressed. It's almost 3 pm, maybe I should do that soon.

2 Funerals, 1 Wedding, Easter, and Lots of Babies

Last night my cousin K-A and I went out for a little girl talk and cousin time. We had many things to catch up on, including lots of major family events coming up soon. Our great aunt passed away last week, and her funeral will be next weekend. This will not be a sad funeral, but a happy one. She was quite old and ill, and missed her husband who passed away many years ago. Our conversation turned to laughter as we talked about everything and anything (which is how our great aunt would want it). Eventually she said, "Is it bad that I look forward to funerals because they always turn into fun family reunions?"
The more I think about it, the more I realize she is right. While I hate funerals, and I do truly hate them, (I have been to way too many of them), I can't help but agree with her. Sometimes the "not sad" funerals really are just wonderful days. I love getting to see all of my cousins at an event where we are all just there to love and support each other.

So Long My Friend

A friend of mine passed away today.
I'm not really sure where to begin. My heart and head are full of so many emotions right now. I feel like a terrible friend. I didn't know she was even sick. I hadn't paid enough attention to her Facebook posts in a long time. I only found out she was sick a few hours before she passed away because of someone else's Facebook status.
When I had originally logged in to Facebook it was to post a whiny rant about a medical issue I have been dealing with. I'm sick and tired of my situation, and am ready to go public with it, in hopes that maybe someone out there will have some clues or leads for me. But just as I was about to post it I saw my other friend's status about our ailing mutual friend. I never did post my own status and immediately began to think about my sick friend.
Learning how sick she was suddenly put my own problems into perspective. (her liver was very sick, and she did not qualify for a transplant. She thought s…

Judge not

Like so many others I have been thinking a lot about race and the Trayvon Martin case. When the story first came out I found myself getting scared over people jumping to conclusions about race, and the media sensationalism of the case. And those issues till do bother me. But as time as progressed, I've found myself thinking more and more about racism. On Monday night I watched the first part of the CNN special on how children view race, and found myself absolutely astounded at what the children said and how they reacted.
I find racism abhorrent. Period. There is never an excuse for racism. I do find that I will fall into "profiling" without realizing I am doing it. Not necessarily racial profiling, but more image or cultural profiling. "People who dress a certain way want you to treat them a certain way." I'm trying not to do that, and really have worked hard to correct my own assumptions and shortcomings in this area. While it isn't as harmful or big…

Making a List and Checking it Twice

I am making a personal list, and yes, I plan to check it at least twice. I hope I check it a dozen times over every day.
Ever since last October after I got back from Cambodia, and things started to go south with the Peace Corps, I've been lost at sea. Things have gone well for me, but I've been adrift with no real direction in life. Stay here? Go there? What is my next big dream? What do I want to be when I grow up? All that kind of stuff has been floating around my head.
For the last few months, especially in February after losing the PC for good, I've struggled to figure out what comes next in my life. And let me get this out now- I still don't know. But one thing has started to change for me- I'm starting to find (and remember) things to put on my bucket list.
For the first time in about two years I set a goal for myself again this week. Something I can control, something I can make happen. And that feels pretty good.
I started doing the research on it, making…