Friday, April 27, 2012

Follow up on the whole crappy sick thing

A quick post to following up on the whole being sick sucks thing.
it still sucks. But now it still sucks after having gone to 2 specialists this week.
Here's what went down thus far-
Original physician has me diagnosed as reflux, and had me on an ungodly amount of reflux meds, that made no difference whatsoever.
Also, I've never had reflux once in any of this.
The Reflux Specialist I was sent to see declared it most definitely, not reflux. She thinks I have a swallowing disorder, and said I should see an ENT. But scheduled me to get a swallow test on Monday anyway.
The ENT thinks I have a "high up" sinus infection, took a very uncomfortable culture from inside my nose, and said I have very inflamed vocal chords that would explain all the choking. His solution? (other than being rude to me and making me want to cry) Antibiotics for a month. He also told me to go off the reflux meds because it isn't reflux. What paperwork did he send me home with? "How to Live with Reflux." (WTF?) Said to call him if the antibiotics don't make the large lump in my neck go down. He thinks its a swollen gland that will get better as the antibiotics kick in. And had some very wrong, and stupid, ideas for some other issues as well. (Like saying I am having panic attacks that cause the choking, and it is all in my head. No, I am not. I'm panicking because I am choking. I can tell the difference.)
The worst part of going to the ENT? He asked if I am prone to dizzy spells. I said I am diagnosed with Meniere's Disease, and therefore, yes, I have them, but rarely. He explains he's about to spray something up my nose that may cause discomfort, and dizzy spells, oh and maybe choking too, but it would all be in my head. He sprays this awful stuff up there, then leaves me! Shuts the door and leaves me! Was it uncomfortable? Horribly. Dizzy spells? Could not see straight to save my life, could barely even open my eyes. It was awful. And choking? Yes, full blown panic attack sitting right there unable to move because I was so dizzy and felt like I couldn't breathe. I'll be sending his clinic a little note about bedside manner.
It was such a bad experience for me, and I left feeling so awful (pounding headache, horribly dizzy, nauseated, half my head was still numb, and still coming down from the panic attack he disregarded) that I sat in my car and cried for half an hour before I could get my act together enough to drive.
I won't be going back there any time soon.


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  2. Oye. Just, oye! (And I thought Beloved had tacky doctors where *he* is being treated...) I have kids who have panic attacks, and I have dysphagia (difficulty swallowing). So I know a very little, tee-ninetsy bit about what you are dealing with, both in terms of physical manifestations and Other People's Reactions. Hugs from Texas.

  3. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Well sort of good news - thank goodness I was wrong about the "tuma" ("it's not a tuma" kindergarden cop). Good luck and get well soon.


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