Monday, April 02, 2012

Making a List and Checking it Twice

Just 4 more days until Captain Underpants and Super Diaper Baby (who are much more grown up now) come to visit me for 3 whole weeks!

I am making a personal list, and yes, I plan to check it at least twice. I hope I check it a dozen times over every day.
Ever since last October after I got back from Cambodia, and things started to go south with the Peace Corps, I've been lost at sea. Things have gone well for me, but I've been adrift with no real direction in life. Stay here? Go there? What is my next big dream? What do I want to be when I grow up? All that kind of stuff has been floating around my head.
For the last few months, especially in February after losing the PC for good, I've struggled to figure out what comes next in my life. And let me get this out now- I still don't know. But one thing has started to change for me- I'm starting to find (and remember) things to put on my bucket list.
For the first time in about two years I set a goal for myself again this week. Something I can control, something I can make happen. And that feels pretty good.
I started doing the research on it, making a few initial phone calls, praying, and really pondering it. It feels good to be setting my goals on something big again. I like moving forward!

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