Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sleepwalking in my Sleep

I suppose this proves my sleepwalking experiences could be much worse!

A few days ago I decided to buy myself a little treat. I bought myself a real pair of "grown up" earrings. Expensive earrings. The kind I've always wanted but have never wanted to spend that sort of money on myself for before. But with the wedding this weekend, and a little extra spending money in my pocket, I decided to go for it. I earned it. I wanted it.
So I found a versatile, high quality, beautiful pair of silver and gold hoops, and paid more than I usually even pay for a nice dress, for these earrings. It was just time to finally do it.
(Also, I'm horribly allergic to most earrings. To find the kind that doesn't make my ears balloon up instantly is not the easiest thing in the world to do.)
I wore my earrings for two full days. I love them!
Last night I accidentally fell asleep fully dressed on my bed several hours early. A phone call from my dad woke me up around 10:30 pm. I vaguely recall going back to sleep, getting back up, and then going back to bed again.
It is funny how sleepwalking can work. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and instantly know I was sleepwalking. Other times it takes a trigger, like it feels when you hear or do something that reminds you of what you dreamed about the night before. Other times I just figure out I was sleepwalking again by realizing something is missing, or discovering things are really out of place.
Tonight as we were leaving for dinner I quickly changed clothes and thought to put on a necklace and earrings. And that is when it hit me. The trigger. My earrings. Something was strange about my earrings.
I could (can) vaguely recall a strange dream-like memory from last night. I knew I needed to take my earrings off and put them in a safe place. I even recall taking them out and looking for a safe place.
Of course, I had no memory of the safe place. That would be too easy.
After dinner we came home and I searched my room for my earrings. My vague dream-like memory told me it had something to do with my bed. So I pulled the blankets off and shook them out. And I looked under my pillows, and under the bed. That was when I noticed my fitted sheet was very skewampus. In fact, it was barely even on the bed. My sleepwalking self has never been very good at making the bed, closing refrigerator doors, or even turning off faucets or lights, so I took that as a big clue.
Sure enough, I pulled the sheet off the bed and found my earrings on the mattress. Why my sleepwalking self thought that was a safe place to keep my earrings I will never know.
Tonight I will be making extra sure to put my earrings in my jewelry box. And to put my jewelry box in a safe place.

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