Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wedding Crazies

Porter practicing to be the ring bearer at the wedding.

It is a crazy week around here, folks! My mother, sister, and nephews are all in town. My dad and other sister will arrive in a few days. I drove up to DC and back yesterday for Serena's funeral. And we have my great-aunt's funeral on Saturday. Then there is the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and a wedding! Somewhere in there my brother-in-law arrives in town as well. Plus there's all that fun wedding prep stuff, like haircuts, new shoes, fittings, etc. And trying to keep up with my 2 work-from-home jobs, while my home is full of wedding crazies, and gremlins posing as my nephews.
Confession- today I resorted to bribing my nephews with cash. It worked until I ran out of ones, and only had twenties left. I wasn't willing to pay with twenties, but they were more than willing to do the same "work" for me for higher pay. Yeah, not going to happen. ("Work" often includes, "Hey, Porter, will you run down to my room and bring me my ...")
I'm exhausted! (And I don't really know why.)

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