Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Doin' Things You Can't Do in a Car!

I believe the first time I ever started talking about Due West here on this blog was back in 2007! (Here's the post: Dilemma.) Back then I was excited to go see them perform at a small venue in Sandy, Utah where they were opening for a little known act- a teenage girl named Taylor Swift, that I was not impressed with.  I mentioned in that post how I was pretty sure I was one of their very few fans- nobody had ever heard of them. They didn't have an album or a single out either.
Now, just five years later, and at least 39 mentions of them on this blog later, they are on the front page for country music on iTunes today!!! Their latest single, "Things You Can't Do In A Car," hit radio yesterday, and is available to buy today.
Without any doubts or reservations, I can say that I know every single last one of their published songs inside and out. And like I said, I've been a fan since the very beginning. I even know some of their songs that never did get released. And I can also honestly say, this is probably my favorite song they have published and released yet. (In the unpublished category, I am a huge fan of Paparazzi and End of the Road (or as Matt puts it, a song about getting it on in the broad daylight).)
If you want to hear a fun, catchy, clever, country tune, go download "Things You Can't Do in a Car." I think you'll like it!

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