Friday, May 18, 2012

Finally Friday!

Bring on Summer! (taken in Angkor Wat, Cambodia)

I am in a pretty good mood this morning. All things considered, I just had a crazy productive week. And with my new work responsibilities (that I've had for 5 months now), Fridays are sort of my Saturdays. So I'm not working (much) today, and taking it easy.

Of course, when you are self-employed, there is no such thing as time off. You just keep working because there is always something to do. But at least on Fridays I feel justified in taking a nap or not turning on my laptop for a few hours.

I am very excited. I officially handed off the manuscript/book I have been working on to my editor-reviewer people. And I have set a goal to hand off the second book (it is a series) to them in 2-3 more weeks. I just might get something published after all this year! It is very scary to hand off a manuscript to someone else. It is your baby, your love, this little thing you have put tons of time and work into. And when it comes back to you, no matter how good you think it is, it will be covered in bloody red ink, and ripped apart. You know it will all be for the best, but at the same time, you know your baby will never be the same again. So sad.

This week I had this crazy idea to not clean the house or get distracted by day to day errands. Instead the plan was to focus completely on reaching my other (writing) goals, and then clean the house and catch up on stuff today. Ha. Now the house is a complete mess and I have no desire to clean it up.

I finally stopped taking the antibiotics from hell on Monday. I am by no means cured of the problem I was getting treated for. Several of the more painful symptoms are gone, but there are still a few problems left. After the total misery of the antibiotics (I lost 9 lbs in 10 days on them!), I am taking a little break from treatment. But on the bright side, after 5 days without the medications, I actually feel like a normal human being again. No more nausea, headaches, fevers, or other disgusting side effects. If I can ever convince myself to get out of bed, I'm going to even go to the gym today!

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