Monday, June 11, 2012

In which I drive 600 miles just to amuse myself in a hot pink dress

At some point on Friday I realized I had nothing to do this weekend. As in, not one real dang thing. I tried to entertain myself by going to see "Men in Black III" (which did not disappoint at all). But I was still faced with 2-3 days of nothing. 

As always my summer schedule is ridiculous. Starting with this upcoming weekend I am booked every single weekend for the next 2 straight months. Two singles conferences (one I am attending, one I am speaking at), youth conference, girls camp, the Faith and Freedom coalition, family reunions, and my parents visiting, are just some of the activities I have going on in June and July. (And I'm still trying to find a way to get myself to the GOP Convention in Tampa in August.) I mean, who needs sleep and free time, right?

So naturally, faced with busy, crazy weekends for the next 8 weeks, I figured, hey, what they heck, I should drive to DC and have a little fun this weekend, right?

And so I did. I needed to do some shopping (and I did), visit my sister (and I did), visit some wonderful friends (and I did), and there was a singles party concert thing (and I went). It was completely insane to make a last second trip up there and then come right back, and I am EXHAUSTED for it today. But it was worth it.

It met my goal of doing something social and meeting people for the week.  And I got to see some of the most beautiful Virginia countryside. If you have never had the pleasure of driving along the back roads of Central Virginia (also known as horse country and hunt country), you are just missing out. It really does not get more beautiful than that part of the world.

Speaking of shopping-
I found a cute, long, blue maxi dress that I really liked. It came in 4 colors, but only in my size in hot pink. I have made it a personal choice to never wear hot pink. Why? Because my blond hair stands out enough. And there's just something about blonds in hot pink I never care for. Some girls can pull it off, but I'm just not one of them, in my opinion. You just stand out way too much. WAY too much! But I had convinced myself I needed this dress. Therefore, I bought it in hot pink. And sure enough, I got more comments about wearing pink, and looking like a Barbie doll in one night than I have had on any outfit I have ever worn in my life. I ended up wearing it to church today because I was running massively late. (Normally I would not consider it to be nice enough for church.) And AGAIN with the comments. (But all of the 12 yr old girls were in agreement that they liked it. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing though.)

And yet, not one person commented on the fact that I cut 4 inches off my hair!!

Let it be known, I am retiring the dress, and resuming my no hot pink mantra.

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  1. If that's the dress.. I ilke it.
    And you know how I feel about pink (hate it)
    But I feel that the pink is tempered by the blue on top.... feel free to wear it a lot.

    and hon, when your hair is that long... you can't expect anyone to notice 4 inches in difference. unless you pass shoulders or chin or elbows or something... no one is going to notice!


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