Sunday, June 17, 2012

Learning this new writing world

I'm slowly but surely learning my way around this world of self-published e-books! This is why I have learned $3.99 was way too much to charge for my novella!

The price is now $0.99 and will stay that way on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I have no plans of getting it printed in paperback.

Just a few more weeks until my REAL book comes out. I was hoping to launch it this week, but common sense and reality have prevailed. My new goal (which is probably far too lofty) is to launch it around July 1! 

If you would be interested in reading it in advance (I'll give you a paperback copy for free), writing a review, and hosting a giveaway on your blog (preferably a blog that has at least 100 readers a day), let me know!

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