Tuesday, June 05, 2012

A little less screen, and a lot more action

Speaking of major life changes- these two awesome girls made some this week. I love this picture of them just sitting on the table singing and playing ukuleles together. I'm so proud of them and all they are moving on to do with their lives. But I'm going to miss them terribly!!
I've decided to make some major (for me) life changes. Here's why:
Yesterday my aunt called to invite me to go do something. I gladly accepted and mentioned that I had planned to spend the whole day just doing personal projects and having fun. I needed a "Saturday" to catch up on a few things. What really happened is that at 5 pm someone else called to say they needed to stop by my house really fast, and I realized I had not yet put on pants. I finally got dressed and left the house to start my errands around 6 pm.
Instead of "having fun" and catching up on life's little projects, I had spent nearly the entire day working online, finishing a writing project, etc. In other words, I worked. Again.
Today I am determined to at least leave the house long enough to get a haircut. But being me, I can't just go get a haircut. I have to take three books with me so I can do some research and multi-task while I sit there.
I even have a list of people I need to call while I drive around town and I have cell coverage. (My mobile doesn't work at my house.)
Is it any wonder I am so tired and distracted all of the time?
For the past few weeks I have been attempting to give myself one full hour a day of "no screen" time. For some people this probably sounds so ridiculously easy they can't imagine why I would even have to set the goal. But for me, this means no TV, no laptop, no cell phone, and I've thrown in my Nook as well. I could allow myself to read, even though it is on a Nook/screen, but I choose not to, since I mostly read for research purposes for my different jobs.
What I've discovered is "no screen" time cuts down on how much I multi-task. Not multi-tasking drives me crazy. It makes me feel like I cannot get anything done. Or that what I am working on is taking up too much time when there are other things I could be doing [at the same time].
Another series of simple life events led me to make another major change this week- sort of. I looked at my social calendar and realized just how hard it is for me to meet people. I have a very full schedule for the next few weeks. This week includes high school graduation parties, a 7 yr old's birthday, visiting a family member, etc. What my week does not include- any chances of meeting single men. Obviously since I work from home I don't meet people here. And I don't expect there to be men of my age at any of the parties.
I've made it a goal to spend two hours a week in an environment where there is a possibility of meeting new people. This sounds much easier than it will actually be to do. First, where is that environment? I really don't know. I considered going to Panera or some other cafe like place to work or read during lunch. I can work from any place with a wifi connection. But I've given this some thought, and quite frankly, I can't recall having actually ever spoken to a stranger any of the dozens of times I have done this. Not to mention, here in this town, I've never seen single men out at those places. Its always mommies and grandmas with a stroller.  (And, it gets expensive to eat out that much!)
I need to do a lot of extra research over the next few weeks. I plan to do this at the library in order to eliminate the distractions at home. Again, in theory, this is a place to meet people. But... has it ever happened before? Or is it just all mommies with a herd of children in the library? (No, before anyone suggests it, there is no college library here.)
I'm getting involved soon (i've registered, but they haven't begun yet) in some community events. I'm looking forward to that.
I'm still keeping my mind and eyes open for places to go and meet people. I don't mind the bar scene, but I do find it dull, since I don't drink. I'd rather not have that as my main place to make friends.
So there you have it- my two major life changes this week. Less screen time, more social time.
Now, to figure out how to make sure I actually stick to it!

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  1. I would wonder if a meet up group would be helpful to meeting new people. You know like a local group that rides bikes or runs or something like that. Or if you aren't worried about what it looks like, some churches have strong singles program that might be fun to check out. That is if your stake doesn't have a strong singles group.


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