Thursday, June 28, 2012


The good, the bad, and the ugly-

I am not allergic to bee stings.
This time around I know how to prepare for the side effects of antibiotics. (unrelated to the bee sting)
I swear any second now that book I wrote will be out of the editing process.
Magnum ice cream bars make everything better.

Bee stings hurt worse than I remember.
I have to avoid sunlight while on these meds. That's a little complicated.
Have I mentioned the bee sting?
This blog post, "TransCanada Not Held Back by Keystone Pipeline" needs more page views. 
Last night (whilst under the influence of massive antibiotics) I dreamed there was a flood at girls camp, and I had to figure out how to turn my tent into a boat. I used tires and a 6 pack of Diet Dr Pepper as flotation devices.

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