Friday, June 01, 2012

Someone's Real World

Views like this are why I LOVE (and miss) the beach

The beach was awesome. Now- back to the real world- other people's real world that is. Not mine. I'm taking a few more days off from my normal to hang out and "nanny" some awesome kids. Spending time in a real "mommy" environment is always an adventure for me.
I'm having a great time. The kids are 15, 11, 6, and 2, so I'm getting teenager down to toddler experience here. The kids really are very well-behaved.
But hoooooleeeeee cow! Am I ever exhausted. I'm getting kids up at 6:30 a.m. and on the bus hours before my usual schedule even has me awake.
This afternoon the teenager doesn't have school (final exam week, and she's got a freebie day), so she's hanging around the house. I just got the toddler down for his nap. I had fun chatting and spending time with the teen (one of my church youth girls), but I admit, I think I am boring her. She has no idea that just being awake right now is my gift to her. Energy and enthusiasm beyond that is asking for a bit much. Now I see why new mommies are always told to nap when the baby does. Dr Pepper just ain't cutting it for me this week.
I'm definitely getting an education on what to expect if I were to foster parent a toddler or small child. (Something I hope will happen within the year.) And realizing my limitations as a potential single parent.
I'll be back to my real life world in a few more days. And then, I have some very exciting (for me) new developments coming up. I can't wait to launch them!

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