Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Story Behind the Story of The Agency

As you know by now, I wrote and released a little novella this week. But I haven't told you much about it yet.
"The Agency" is a fictionalized account of my months working for a "cutting-edge, Web 2.0, marketing and advertising agency" in Utah.
I worked there 3.5 years ago for a very dishonest woman. You can read all about her in other posts on this blog. (But because the woman LOVES to get litigious and threaten to sue people I will not be putting her name in any posts associated with the novella.) The woman I depict in the book is exactly how I remember her- from the Diet Green Tea, to the tennis outfits, fur coat, Post-it notes (oh yes, that part is very true!), erratic behavior, late night demands, evasive communication techniques, and dishonest behavior.
I worked there six months until the agency went out of business. Driven straight into the ground by our fearless, insane, and unethical leader. As depicted in the book, experienced a meteoric rise in job titles and responsibilities in those six months. I started out as Account Director and left as the VP. The job title I had with the company before that one? Marketing Coordinator. Yes, I went from coordinator to VP in just 6 months. But it had little to do with me, and everything to do with her firing people, lying, and trying to buy loyalty.
Trust me, it didn't work.
If I had written the book as an autobiographical account, with only the facts, no one would have wanted to read it. It would have been too depressing. Instead, I made up caricatures of some of the real characters. And obviously there was no Gavin or Jared in the real events. (There were, however, people those characters are VERY loosely based on.) Hopefully it is still the miserable experience that it was, but in a more enjoyable reading format!
Writing the book was somewhat therapeutic for me. It gave me the chance to shine a light on that awful experience.  And maybe just recoup some of the money my old employer still owes me. (Yes, the bounced paychecks part is VERY true. Right down to the how many and how often.)
So if you want to read a short story that makes the "Devil Wears Prada" look like a good day at the office, check out "The Agency!"

And just a reminder- you don't have to have a Nook or a Kindle to download it. You can download the free apps from their websites. As of right now, there is no "paper" version of the story. I may upload it to one of those sites later this week, if there is a demand for it. (So if you want me to do that, tell me!)

Buy "The Agency" on Nook here! 

Or from Amazon here-

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