Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The To Do List- makes me wondering what I am doing?

Some days it is easy to convince myself that I have successfully made the hump over into becoming a full-time, paid, employed writer.

Other days? Not so much.

This morning was one of those mornings where I wasn't quite as confident about my abilities to support myself financially as a writer. The past few years of roller coaster successes and failures have taken their toll on me, and some days I just feel like a failure. I wonder if I am spending my time chasing the right dreams at all. Will I ever be able to buy a house on the money I earn as a writer? Forget buying a house, will I ever pay off this stupid student loan on a writing income?

Maybe I should go get a full-time job back in marketing (though I feel as if I am selling my soul to the devil to even consider it), and just write part-time? At least I'd be financially feasible.

As I do most mornings, I sat down and made up my to-do list for the day. And here it is with no editing.

Girls Camp- email parents, email PW re: final papers

CR birthday- don't forget treats

start JTD timeline, find 5 new articles, write outline

Motley Fool- look up PR on Business Wire, write 2 articles, check WSJ, do SMM on last 2 articles

Find 1 new way to promote Agency today. Look up B2B options.

Add new chapter to Haley book, edit ending

Work on Meridian social media, email SP back, do daily edits, follow up with SEO/Scott

Write 1-2 Swing State posts

Check in with FFC guy about media pass, do research on presenters

Don't forget mutual tonight (set alarm) (CR bday, and father's day)

Text K-Anne about movies after mutual? Maybe gym instead?

Send Mancub bday card, set up family Skype on Sunday

Pack for DC trip.

Does anyone else see what I see? I'm still doing just as much social media in a day as I am writing! No wonder I never quite feel like I am a writer and not a marketer anymore. Granted, to be a successful, self-employed writer, you have no choice but to self-promote. But I'm going to have to put some serious thought into this. Am I trying to serve two masters?

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